Sister’s Birthday Lunch

This baby girl woke up so sweet and precious today. Well, she wakes up sweet & precious every day! And this morning, she wanted to try on Daddy’s shoes, after wearing mine last night.

Jeff and I had delicious egg-in-the-hole & coffee for breakfast, and Emerson had scrambled eggs & toast.

We played around the house for a while after breakfast, and then my little girl was ready for an early nap today. She went down around 10:10, and instead of being productive and cleaning our messy house, I sat down to be lazy & watch a movie. Last weekend was just so crazy & we were so busy, this weekend I just needed a lazy day! And this gray, rainy weather was perfect for it.

Once Emerson woke up, we met up with the family for my sister’s birthday lunch. (It’s actually tomorrow, but Sunday’s are difficult.)

Telling Emerson about her three cousins in Aunt Megan’s tummy!

Bo & I both love Philly cheese steak sandwiches. So when he recommended it have, I had to take his word for it & order one. Technically, it’s not on the menu, but instead they have a “Liberty Bell” burger that’s topped with cheese steak stuff, but they will make you a traditional one if you ask. And man that bad boy was good! The best one of all time is sadly no longer available, from Philly Connection. There used to be a few stores around town years ago, but now they’ve all closed. Bo & I both agree that place was the best, but this one today was pretty dang good.

While we finished eating & paying, Uncle Bo took Emerson on a walk-about all through the restaurant & parking lot. It was really windy, and little girls hair went crazy! It was also really humid, and it started curling up as well.

My Mama brought is a few little things in this brown bag today, and Emerson absolutely loved toting it around the parking lot. She was very proud of herself.

After lunch, we went on a little shopping trip to Ross (which is just about my favorite store). My coworkers and I “adopted” two little boys through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, and we’re all contributing. So today we went shopping specifically for little boy clothes, which was weird! But we also found plenty of other things too. And then we had to just out blinders on & quit looking at stuff!

We did get this little unicorn chair for one of Emerson’s Christmas presents, but don’t tell her, because we had it when we got home.

We also found these amazingly cute penguin Tom’s, for only $16.99! I’m obsessed with penguins (they’re my absolute favorite animal), and I love these for her so much!

Also, I’ve officially decided to buy only fake plants from now on. I somehow manage to kill even succulents (who does that?!), so I’m slowly finding fake plants to scatter all over the house, like this little cutie in the gold pot.

Also, hello Cyber Monday Amazon Prime unboxing!

We did some more playing around the house, and then Tater Tot went down for another late afternoon nap around 4pm. Once she woke up around 5:30, we set out on a few more errands. We got some Christmas presents for the boys, and ran into the Dollar Tree for a few things. She also wore her new shoes tonight, to start breaking them in a little bit!

After a quick bath time, my little nugget was exhausted after a busy day, and ready for bed time!

Today was a nice, slow day, with good family time and baby time. I love slow, lazy days like today. We need them every now and then. Sometimes, it’s better to ignore the mess & the empty boxes, and just play with your baby. And today was one of those days.

And now, it’s time for another Christmas movie on Netflix!

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