Rainy Sunday

Well, today was another super weird day, in that I didn’t take hardly any photos! And even then, the first one wasn’t taken until 6pm, as I was getting down out of the Singing Christmas Tree.

Emerson and I got dressed, shared breakfast, and then went to church. My parents, Aunt & uncle were all out of town, so it was just me & Grandmommie in our usual pew this morning, and just the two of us felt so strange! Jeff stayed home from church today, and went back to CHP Urgent Care at 1pm, because he’s been practically hacking up a lung every time he coughs. After church, we grabbed Jimmy John’s subs, we shared our sammie’s, then her and I both napped for a little bit. Then I dropped her off with Grandmommie & Aunt Suzanne, while Uncle Keith and I went to church for choir rehearsal.

This first one is my row (#10, 4th from the top), and my box I stand on. The second one is a few rows down, so you can see more of the inside of the tree.

Emerson had lots of fun playing with Grandmommie and Aunt Suzanne, and they helped wear her out for bedtime! Although, you can also see that she got Aunt Suzanne to push her around in an upside down step stool, so looks like she may be worn out too!

Since it was so late by the time we finished choir & I picked up Emerson, I just picked up some nuggets & fries for dinner on the way home. We got home around 7:15, ate pretty quickly, and got Emmie ready for bed time.

She was pumped about her first kids meal toy, and got a little upset when we told her she couldn’t take it to bed with her. She was consoled though when we exchanged it for her favorite stuffed doggie instead. After getting her to sleep super easy tonight, I spent a long time washing dishes (so. many. cups!) while Jeff worked on laundry, and now we’re both finally winding down. I think it’s probably time for another cozy Christmas movie!

Also, happy 28th birthday to my baby sister! She’s my best friend and I love her with all my heart! She’s super funny, fiercely loyal to family & friends, sassy & silly, and an amazing example of a Godly woman. I’m blessed to have her as my little seester! (Also, please enjoy this picture of us, from 2007!)

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