Chick-fil-A Twice-A-Day

Well, I finished my super short little chick-flick book this morning on my commute. I rated it three stars on Goodreads, which means I liked it, but it didn’t blow me away or anything.

Baby girl was super cute this morning, although I didn’t quite realize how small it had gotten on her! Looks like this outfit will retired after today.

Late last night, we realized we didn’t have any breakfast food in the house for this morning. Today, hubby offered to pick up breakfast & deliver it to my office. I very quickly agreed to this idea, and he showed up with a delicious chicken, egg & cheese bagel!

And then I found out I won another free Kindle book from a Goodreads giveaway.

Quick story… sometime last week my mom’s cousin (who is also the grandmother to a set of triplets) sent a box full of preemie of clothes to Tallahassee for Megan’s triplets. In relaying the message to my grandmother, there was some confusion about the address. She addressed it to my sister’s name, but at our address, but couldn’t remember if one of the numbers might have been incorrect. My mom spent about an hour on the phone with the post office this morning, but they wouldn’t give her much information, even though she had the tracking number. They could only tell her the zip code it was shipped from, and the delivery zip code.

We were a little bit nervous it might end up getting delivered to the wrong house, but luckily when Jeff went home at lunch to check, it was sitting on our carport steps. We all breathed a sigh of relief once we knew it was safely delivered to the correct house! Now I’ll just take it to my sister tomorrow, and they’ll have a nice starter pack of clothes for when the triplets are born.

Annddd then since I was running late this morning and didn’t have time to make myself a lunch, Jeff offered to bring me food, and of course I very quickly agreed! And so he blessed me with Chick-fil-A for the second time today – spicy sandwich, extra pickles, honey roasted BBQ sauce & sweet tea. Yum!

Also, for those that don’t know, I worked at CFA during college when I lived in St. Augustine, for almost three years. And honestly I loved it! I ate a LOT of chicken during those years, and never once got tired of it. And I still don’t!

These next three photos were sent to us from her teachers in the parent portal app.

And since I finished that book this morning, I started number two in the series after work. It’s only a nine hour audio book, so I figured I could knock out another short book in a couple of days.

On our way out the door leaving daycare, we stopped to love Aunt Megan as always, and Emerson notice she had some Reese’s sitting on her desk. She would not be satisfied until Megan gave her a few bites before we left.

Emerson and I ran into Trader Joe’s for a few things before heading home. She was a little upset about leaving Megan and the Reese’s, so I grabbed a banana in order to keep her happy for our short shopping trip. And she ended up eating the entire thing before we checked out! So I handed the cashier the empty banana peel to throw away (empty? that sounds weird), and told him to actually ring us up for 4, not just the three in the buggy.


Ugh, after tinkering with the video, and the uploader thingy, and the actual coding on my site, it took forever to get it right. And it was super annoying.

Anyways, after our detour to the grocery store to stock up on bagels & cream cheese for the rest of the week, I made our traditional Trader Joe’s Chinese food meal of veggie fried rice, chicken spring rolls, & pork dumplings. So, so good!

After dinner, we got Emerson in the bath tub, and then dried & dressed. We had a little video chat with Ryan & Gabe, and Emerson said “night night” for the first time! I told her to tell the boys night-night, not really expecting her to, then she surprised us by saying it right away! It was soo cute, and we kept getting her to say it another five or so times before actually taking her to bed. The boys were also super happy that she said something new for the first time, to them. So sweet.

And then Jeff and I worked on a little project! I got the idea from Brooke at Nesting With Grace. I follow her on Instagram, and she is “infamous” for her “magic light trick.” Basically, you use battery-powered “puck lights” inside a sconce where you need a bit more light, instead of hard-wiring it into the electricity. You can find out all of the technical stuff & more info from her blog here.

We’ve lived here for over two years now, and have commented multiple times about needing a little light in the entry from our carport. It’s too small for a lamp though, and I had no idea what to do other than that. Then when I started following Brooke on Instagram a while back, it finally dawned on me that this idea would work great! I ordered the white farmhouse style lamp from Amazon, as well as a 6-pack of the puck lights, which are remote-control operated.

I’m loving the way the sconce looks, but not the actual color of the light. I’m not a fan of the white/blue light bulbs, and prefer the warm yellow/golden glow from lights. So we’re going to try to do an exchange if we can find some. If you like the white lights, you can get them from Amazon.

And look at this little “then & now” comparison Google made of Emerson! I honestly don’t know when the one on the left is from, but she looks absolutely teeny! My guess is that it might be from sometime almost a year ago!? Then the right is from this morning, obviously. She’s changed so much!

And now with all the hoopla surround the banana video above, it’s getting close to 10:30 before I’m finally finishing this post today, and I’m exhausted! Looking forward to crawling in bed & cozying up under the covers!

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