March 2023

The Laziest, Rainiest, Stewiest Saturday

Soooo…. I accidentally stayed up until 2am, watching Taylor Swifts opening concert via livestream TikTok’s, which was definitely unintentional. I thought maybe I’d see people post a few videos, and then I’d go to sleep, but when I got on at 11pm (8pm MT), and people were going live, I was like “Ohhhhh this’ll be interesting.” And then I just couldn’t stop! So even though the girls actually did sleep a little later than usual, until around 8am, this morning was rough, to say the least.

But these girls were extremely sweet, and cuddling with each other, so quiet and precious. Emerson made this little spot for them with the pillow and the blanket, and I found them like this after I took a bathroom break.

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