Spring Forward

For spring forward, lose-an-hour, time-change-Sunday, GC Kids had pajama day at church this morning! And of course these cuties looked as sweet as always.

Jeff stayed home from church with a migraine this morning, so I sat in the very back corner in the very back row, and two friends ended up sitting in the same row with me, without their husbands as well, which was ironic. (Well, once of  their husbands was the worship leader, so he sat down later.)

The girls and I picked up Chinese take-out on our way home from lunch, and we ate lunch together before all four of us laid down to take naps. I slept about two hours, but the girls both slept for about 3.5 hours, which was great, since Jeff actually had to get up with Addie around 5am this morning.

And then after nap time, we went to Momo’s to meet the family for the triplets’ fourth birthday pizza dinner. We had yummy pizza, followed by delicious Publix birthday cake, and had a good time together.

By the time we made it home, Jeff was up and feeling better, and his migraine had subsided. But it was also time to get the girls ready for bed, so we started on that right away, in order to get them settled. Addison fell asleep after just 10 minutes of me rocking her, but Emerson on the other hand is still awake, hanging out in the living room with Daddy right now, while I’ve been writing this post. It’s spring break week though, so no school for her, so I guess it’s ok for her stay up a little later tonight. We just hope and pray Addie sleeps through the night!


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