Morning Sherbet

Today was Emerson’s first day of spring break, and even though Jeff wasn’t feeling great today, he took care of her and they had a good day together. When I left the house this morning at 7:35am, it was dark and quiet and everyone was still asleep.

So once everyone woke up, Jeff and Emmie dropped off Addie at school.

And then the two of them had a special breakfast at the brand new First Watch restaurant.

And then she somehow talked Daddy into a trip across the street to Lofty Pursuits, where she chose orange sherbet at 10:30am, and they tried to convince me it wasn’t ice cream 😉

They went back home for a couple of hours in the middle of the day, but eventually she (pretty easily) talked him into a late lunch at Chick-fil-A, at one of the locations with a play place she could climb around in. And then they followed that up with a trip to Tom Brown Park, before finally going to pick up Addison from daycare in the afternoon.

And Addie had a good day at school today!

When they got back home, I had Jeff put a frozen tray of meatloaf in the oven, so that it would be ready on time. When I got home, the girls and I walked up the little hill and went on a quick visit to chat with our sweet neighbors, because Emerson had colored some picture she wanted to give to them. Meanwhile, Jeff was working on my car again, replacing the brake pads (I think that’s what it was?). Then I just made up some mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, and dinner was ready to go.

Emmie’s giant water bottle is hiding her hands, but both girls were sitting there folding their hands so sweetly while I prayed, an looking at their food so excitedly. And then they ate so well! And we listened to T-Swift on the record player, in anticipation of her tour starting this weekend. (I still haven’t gotten tickets, but I’m just excited to see photos & videos once people start posting them online!)

Emerson wanted to “help” Daddy outside with my car, so she was out there, while Addison and I styed inside and played for a while.

Then I got both girls changed into their jammies, and got some bedtime snacks and drinks. We watched a few episodes of “Bluey,” before we turned on the ocean waves noises, and I rocked Addie to sleep. During that time, Emmie just laid on the couch quietly, waiting for me to get her the extra snack I promised. Then she had a tiny bowl of mashed potatoes with bread and butter, for her 8:30pm bedtime snack 😂

After her snack though, she was super sleepy and ready to head to bed. So I did her prayers and lullabies, and she was almost completely asleep by the time I kissed her goodnight. Jeff was able to get the brakes on my front tires fixed for me (he might do the back tires later this week), and then came inside shortly after I got Addie to sleep. He ate a late dinner, and then had a shower to get cleaned up. And now I’m going to go wash up some dishes before settling down for the night.

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