April 2020

Hammock Village

So it’s currently 9:07pm, and I’m just now starting this post. I’m exhausted, and Emerson was a real handful at bedtime tonight (she’s actually still kinda groaning and flopping around in there), so I’m just kinda over it and not feeling this post. So I’m basically gonna dump the photos and run. Most things are pretty self-explanatory anyways, right?!


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Blueberry Orchard

So a few weeks back, when stuff first started shutting down, there was a Rally for Tally event, that pushed people to order take-out from locally owned restaurants. We were out of town in Missouri still then, so we missed it. But I decided we’d do it on our own today, and specifically choose three local places to get all our meals from today. So we started out very early this morning picking up breakfast from Chi Chi’s Cafe, and then of course brought it back home to eat out on the patio.


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All-Day Ballerina Girl

First thing this morning, I made the marinade and diced up the chicken, to cook Indian Butter Chicken for dinner tonight. It’s supposed to marinate for 15 minutes to 24 hours, so I did it first thing this morning, so I could just throw it in the skillet when I got home.


Emerson was sooo chatty this morning. I mean, she almost always is, but this morning, after a few photos of her while blabbing, I literally had to ask, “can you stop talking for one second and just say cheese?” Hahah, she’s so funny!




I started another new audio book today. This one is a reverse re-telling of the movie “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” which is one of my favorite movies. Actually, with all the stress and chaos and just craziness happening in the world right now, I’ve been gravitating towards these fluffy little romance novels. Three out of the last four audio books have been the same chick lit genre. But I think after this one, I’ve had enough for a while. These aren’t my typical choice, and I need a little change after one too many cheesy love story…


I finished off the rest of my egg salad for lunch today, and still loved every single bite of it. I could have definitely eaten more of it! I’m for sure going to need to make this again soon. Also, I only have about 30 pages left in this library book, and I’m really interested to see how it all turns out. I’ve really enjoyed this one!


Ooh and also, look at how nice my African violet is doing! It’s so beautiful right now!


Emerson had another great day at school today, and did so good on the potty!







While I was working on dinner tonight, Emerson was stamping all over the place… her hands, arms & face included! Then she wanted to wash it off, so I had to help her with the green ink on her cute widdle nose.


But dinner turned out good! I knew Emerson wouldn’t want the butter chicken of course, so I made her a plate of rice, strawberries and Swiss cheese, and she ate every bite on her plate! Plus a good amount of naan!


Jeff and Emerson went out to the hammock to swing for a bit, while I put away all the leftovers, and cleaned up a little bit. They were so cute out there, I just stopped and watched from the front window for a few minutes. But I couldn’t stay away, so I went out to be with them for a few minutes too.



After running around in the front yard for a few minutes, Emerson picked out her own jammies, and I love the little outfit she came up with. I also liked that she wore a ballerina shirt to school, and picked out another ballerina shirt for bedtime. She was an all-day ballerina girl!


She was a little bit tricky at bedtime, and couldn’t quite settle down. I had to go back into her room two separate times, because she wanted one more family hug, and one more lullaby. But I finally got her settled down, and she was good to lay down and go to sleep. I got all the dishes washed and wiped down my kitchen counter. I think it’s time to take a Clorox wipe to all the doorknobs and handles in the house again, so I’ll go do that before settling down on the couch for the night. I think I’m actually going to try to finish up my book before I go to sleep.


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Easter At Home

He is Risen, He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter! Today was one of the strangest Easter Sunday’s of my life so far, including when I was away from my family during the college years, and also two years ago when I stayed home sick with a stomach bug on Easter Sunday morning. (Here’s Easter 2019, if you’d like to check that out.)

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast…


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Hunting Eggs

OK, so it’s almost 9:40pm, and I’m just now starting today’s post. So it’ll be heavy on the photos (there are definitely a lot today), and light on the chit-chat…

Emerson woke up at 5:50am today, and that was terrible. I went to Publix right at 8am (looking for plenty of meats for the next couple of weeks), I wore my mask the whole time (which was not so fun), and Jeff and Emerson went through the drive-thru at Wendy’s and got us breakfast for when I got back home.



Jeff then went to Home Depot for a few more yard tools and some weed killer and ant killer, so Emmie and I did laundry, and then played in the front yard.




Oh, and she got a letter in the mail from her Sunday school teach today, with a page of stickers in it, that she loved!





This goofball, laying down while coloring! She kills me.


Then her face and hair looked like this 🙂



She took her own jeans off, because she didn’t like them…



Lunch for the littlest one, followed by Emmie’s nap time.


Then Jeff and I got busy doing more chores. I did a whole bunch of stuff inside, and Jeff did a whole bunch of stuff outside. I also set up just a few things for Easter decor, since it kinda snuck up out of nowhere this year… Jeff and I also forgot to eat lunch today, we were working so hard.


Emerson slept for two hours, and we got a lot done during that time. And then we all worked outside in the yard for just a little bit. And this is just two weeks after we cut down the banana plants (and I had to get stitches), and look how much they’ve grown already! They’re gonna be sooo pretty in another few weeks. These are one of my favorite things in our yard!





We found a second bird’s nest today, and this one the tiny little birdies have already hatched! These naked little things must only be a day or two old. So we made sure not to mess with this part of the bushes while we were working.





She loved watching Daddy dump the yard trash from the wheel barrow.


This crazy kid was eating this little poppable chips using Moana’s leaf to scoop them from the bag and into her mouth. What a goofball!





Then we went back over to Jeff’s parents’ house for “Easter dinner.” And Emmie did about 10 egg hunts through the night!







Bath time, turned her into a little monster-baby.


Followed by one more indoor egg hunt, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.




We almost always take Pretzel over to their house when we go, and look at him falling asleep in the car on the way home. So cute!


And I was DYING over the sky tonight guys!!! It kept changing every minute or two and I wanted to take like 10 pictures on our 20-minute drive across town, but this one I got at the Tennessee & Monroe intersection was gorgeous!


We read the Easter story at nap time and at bedtime today, and she was really sweet, asking good questions about where is Jesus and where is heaven. I told her there would be no sadness or crying or boo-boo’s in heaven, and her little eyes widened and she just honestly looked in awe. It was precious.


Tomorrow, during our church’s livestream, we are all taking the Lord’s Supper from home. So today at Publix I bought some cran-grape juice (figured I’d get something yummy we’d actually drink), and tonight I attempted to make some unleavened bread, based on a recipe our church shared.



I’ve never done anything like this before, and I had no idea what I was doing with the kneading, so my hands got super messy & sticky, and I had to have Jeff come over and keep sprinkling flour on my hands as I worked. And you can see I clearly made a mess all over myself too…



I think I had a little too much flour on them by the time I finished with all of that, because they were still pretty flour-y after baking. I literally wiped some of it off with a paper towel, but this is what they look like.


Oh well, that’s fine. It doesn’t have t be perfect, because it’s not about the bread, it’s about our hearts as we take Communion tomorrow.

Today was a great day, and I’m so thankful for my family!


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