January 2020

Fresh Air

When you wake up early at 6:30am, you get to lay in Mommy & Daddy’s bed watching videos & eating gummies. So I guess, why would she not want to wake up early? Haha. Also, if you haven’t tried putting a soft blanket under your sheets on cold nights, you’re seriously missing out. It’s the warmest, coziest thing, and it’s my favorite. (I use a small-ish one, because my hot-natured hubby doesn’t need any extra warmth.)


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Double Disappointment

This little girl was very happy to be wearing her new Crocs to school today. These are the first ones she picked out to try on when we were at Beall’s Outlet the other night, and coincidentally they were the right size, and they looked stinking adorable on her, and they were only like, $12.99! I’ve never actually been a huge fan of Crocs, but how could I resist when they look this cute on her?!


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Casserole & Chili

Emerson actually slept a little bit later today, so we all got to sleep in until a few minutes after 7am! One hour later doesn’t seem like much, but it really helps when it’s that early in the morning, and you’re the always-tired-parent of a spunky toddler! So I got up and cuddled my girl, then put the breakfast casserole in the oven, showered myself, and then Jeff bathed Emmie before getting a shower himself.


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Space Station

Emerson was still a little whiny & sensitive this morning, and only wanted Mommy to get her dressed for school, even though I was still getting dressed for work myself. I was also running late on my own, so with all that, I ended up being 30 minutes late to work. But we did finally make it out of the house, and she was fine, and drop-off went smooth-ish 😉


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Painting Project

Anybody want to guess what time my girl woke up on this holiday off work? Approximately 6:30am. Phew… this girl kills me. She was cute and sweet for part of that, but she was also grumpy and whiny for a lot of it. And that was how she was allll day. It was actually kind of a rough day, between all the hissy fits and toddler tantrums and almost-constant whining. I know you other toddler mama’s have had days like this too, so you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Finally Fever-Free!

Baby girl slept all through the night last night, and woke up fever-free this morning! Praise the Lord! So she’ll stay home one more day with Grandmommie, and hopefully the fever won’t come back today, and she can head back to school tomorrow. She wanted some cereal for breakfast, and since I didn’t have to leave as early as usual, I got to sit with her while she ate, and get lots of hugs before leaving.


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Licking the Butter Knife

My sick, sleepy little girl actually slept in a little today. Grandmommie came over around 7:15, I left for work around 7:30, and Emmie didn’t even wake up until 7:50. So I didn’t even get to see her this morning, which made me sad, but I was also glad she was getting good sleep… especially since she woke up at 12:45am with fever, crying and thirsty. So I changed her diaper, we gave her Tylenol & a sip of ice water, and I sang lullabies and rocked her back to sleep. Anyways, Jeff was still at home when she woke up this morning, and he said she was doing better, and happy to see Grandmommie.


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In With the New!

So it seemed unusual for Emmie to still be sleeping, when I went into her room to wake her up at 7am. But pretty much as soon as I clicked her lamp on, I knew she wasn’t feeling good. She had still been sound asleep, and started whining when I woke her up. Poor little girl had dried snot everywhere, and when I picked her up, she was super warm. I took her temp, and it was 102/103. We gave her some Tylenol, and obviously she would be staying home for the day…


Her and I had some cereal together at the table, while Jeff got ready for work. (I was already dressed & ready, before I went into her room.) We shared her leftovers with Pretzel, and she loved sitting next to him while he finished the last few pieces & drank her milk.



Jeff had a few extra minutes before he needed to leave for work, so he put together Emerson’s new kitchen stool, that we got from IKEA, since she loves to watch & help in the kitchen so much lately. (And here’s a your first real glance at the new couch!)


Grandmommie came over to help keep Emerson home for the day, so that I didn’t miss a whole day of work. I do actually have enough sick-leave that I could have taken the day off, but things are so crazy at work lately, I didn’t want to leave them stranded. Especially if Emerson is sick for a few days in a row, and I need to take her to the doctor later this week, I’ll take off time then instead. Plus, Grandmommie & Emerson have such a special relationship, they were both thrilled for this opportunity to stay home together!


And sadly, all three of the triplets have fevers today too! Kensley was actually sick first, with a fever last Friday. Then today, both Ellie & Riley (and Kensley still too) woke up with fevers today as well. Luckily, they have two nannies that keep the girls’ in their own home, so they didn’t have to make any special arrangements. Please pray for all four of our girls to get better soon!

Before all of our girls got sick, Megan and I had already made plans to have a lunch date today. Luckily, we were still able to do that, and we had a great time together! She picked me up from my office (we work only 2 blocks away from each other), and we went to Olive Garden, for a $5.99 special on the soup, salad & breadsticks.


For our first bowls, I got the chicken & gnocchi, and Megan got the zuppa toscana. Then we both got the zuppa for our second round. And I ended up liking the zuppa the best! But both were very yummy.


When Meg first picked me up, I opened the door to her car and instantly noticed we were matching. This happens all the time, and we find it very amusing. Black & white stripes, black sweater, hair up with side part, pear earrings, cross-body purse. Then when we got up & walked away from the table, the two ladies next to us noticed, and thought it was funny we matched, and then when we told them we were sisters, they liked it even more, and said, “Ahh well that makes sense then!” Too funny!


And finally – out with the old & in with the new! It’s low & squishy, and kind of modern, and lighter gray than our old one, and we’re loving it so far! We need lots of new throw pillows, as all of our old ones either went with the old couch, or they’re so old they’re just a pancake. But the couch itself is super comfy, and we’re really enjoying it!



I came home straight after work today, to take care of my baby girl. She had a good day with Grandmommie, but she felt bad all day, barely ate much, and was just pitiful. She drank plenty of ice water, but not much else. She needed her mama though! After Grandmommie left to head home, she just wanted me to hold her, and she actually fell asleep on my shoulder, while we were just sitting on the floor, swaying side to side. Poor, sweet baby girl.



Before she had fallen asleep, she told me she wanted chicken & cheese noodles for dinner, so I called Jeff and asked him to bring home Chick-fil-A for dinner. I had actually planned to make Instant Pot chicken noodle soup, but decided to put that on the back-burner, in favor of something I knew she’d eat really well. And she did! She ate three nuggets, and half of her noodles.


We had some time after dinner before bedtime, so she alternated between cuddling up with Mommy, and playing a little bit, and reading some books.




She read the caterpillar book to us tonight, and did a great job of it! Below, she’s saying, “in lighta da moon, widdle egg on weaf!” (In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.)


She stayed up later than I had planned, but once we finally got through all four bedtime books and prayers, she was very easy with lullabies and I laid her down in her crib to go to sleep.

She’ still had fever most of the day today, so she’ll have to stay home from school tomorrow too. Grandmommie has offered to come back over to our house tomorrow to take care of her. Then if she’s still sick/feverish by Wednesday, I’ll take her to the doctor’s office then to see Abby. Megan has the same plan actually, and will take her girls to see Abby Wednesday too if they’re all still sick. Please pray for all four of our little girls to feel better soon!

No dishes, I cleaned the house right before Emmie’s bedtime, and so that means I get to just chill! Jeff already made our hot tea for tonight, so now we just have to decide on something to watch. We watched the new remake of “Aladdin” on Disney+ (took us three separate nights to get through it), and we loved it. So good! So, what’s next?!

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