June 2022

Kolache, Costco & Cookies

Since the girls were with Nana at their sleepover from last night, Jeff and I were able to take it slow & easy this morning, which was such a nice change. We didn’t even get dressed or head out for errands until after 10am, and we stopped to try Shipley’s donuts for the first time. The owner was there and came out and met us, and gave us both a free glazed donut while we looked at everything and make our decisions, and it was actually the best glazed donut I’ve ever had. Then I chose this sausage, cheese & jalapeno kolache, which was sooooo delicious. It’s kinda like a big pig-in-a-blanket deal, which is one of my favorite snacks, so this was perfect and right up my alley. I want another one again already!

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Books, Thai Food, Swimming & Caviar

Today is one of those very busy, very full Saturday’s that end up being so late and I’m so tired, that I don’t feel like writing too much. I also have a TON of pictures today (this is 39 of literally 130+ Jeff and I both took throughout the day), so we’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Started our day making blueberry muffins & Lucky Goat coffee with my helper for breakfast.

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New Peace Lily

We had one more box of Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants in the freezer, so I proofed them over night, and baked them this morning. I also made a pot of Lucky Goat coffee I bought from a coworker for her kids’ school fundraiser. We decided to save it for the weekends and make it our “Saturday coffee,” to really make the most out of it.

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