May 2019

Better Bath Time

So some days, I have pictures of things other than Emerson. However, today is not that day. Literally every photo is of her today!

So I actually woke up super early this morning after a terrible, crazy nightmare, and had a hard time going back to sleep. But then when I did finally go back to sleep, I accidentally slept through my alarms, and woke up about 45 minutes too late. So we got to school just in time for breakfast! Emmie went right to her chair, and sat down at her plate to start eating.MVIMG_20190523_080200

Where’s Waldo

Today we dropped off directly in her new classroom, with her new teacher and her new friends, and it went perfectly! She immediately started playing with all the toys, and just gibber gabbering away saying all the things. She was wearing a fancy, borrowed Ralph Lauren dress, and even as adorable as it is (I loved this dress!), she still reminded me of a tiny Where’s Waldo girl.


Tidying Up & Catching Up

Alright, so I was having some technical difficulties again yesterday, so I wasn’t able to blog about our Saturday. Jeff did some work on it after church today, and so now while Emerson naps, I’ll do a catch-up post about yesterday, and then later tonight I’ll write a second post about today.

Emmie was doing grocery shopping while I was in the kitchen cooking us breakfast.MVIMG_20190518_073023

Bunny Dress

Look at this sweet baby girl having her pre-breakfast snack & milk with Daddy before school. So cute! Also, she helped pick out her clothes today. I started with a romper, and she said, “nooo, dress!” So I showed her the 1st dress from her closet, she said, “nooo.” So I showed her this dress, and she said “bunny!” while smiling and being so cute about it! So she wore the bunny dress!

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