Where’s Waldo

Today we dropped off directly in her new classroom, with her new teacher and her new friends, and it went perfectly! She immediately started playing with all the toys, and just gibber gabbering away saying all the things. She was wearing a fancy, borrowed Ralph Lauren dress, and even as adorable as it is (I loved this dress!), she still reminded me of a tiny Where’s Waldo girl.

MVIMG_20190521_073340MVIMG_20190521_073412MVIMG_20190521_073439MVIMG_20190521_073540MVIMG_20190521_073654MVIMG_20190521_073725MVIMG_20190521_073827MVIMG_20190521_073832And when I left the classroom, she just kept playing, and didn’t reach for me or whine or fuss even once! She just did so good this morning!MVIMG_20190521_073907I met my Mama for lunch today, and I brought her my BFF’s book (y’all know I’m obsessed with Erin & Ben from HGTV’s Home Town) for her and my Dad to read. (And now I’m wanting to re-read the book myself. Maybe I will when they finish.) They are going to the Southern Baptist Convention in Birmingham in a few weeks, and they’re going to go visit Laurel, MS, afterwards! I’m so extremely jealous. I told them they have to bring me something from their store, and my Dad said they’d bring me a picture of them with my besties 😉MVIMG_20190521_114507We had lunch at one our favorite meet-up spots, Zoe’s Kitchen. We love eating there, and the food is always delicious. And we had a great time catching up and just chatting about all the things!MVIMG_20190521_114810MVIMG_20190521_120140

And we got tons of pictures from Ms. Kristin again today in the parent app! We actually got over 30 photos, which is a record high! I didn’t include all 30 of them here, but here are some of the best ones.PS2ME_05_21_19_214201913498PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019134918PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019134926PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019134946PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019134953PS2ME_05_21_19_214201913503PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019135010PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019135014PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019135024PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019135038PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019135049PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019135056PS2ME_05_21_19_214201913512PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019173932

PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019173938Grammy might have freaked out a little when she saw this picture of the little girl starting to steal Emmie’s snack. She was about to turn all Mama-Bear on her!PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019173942PS2ME_05_21_19_2142019173948MVIMG_20190521_173351Jeff had to go do some computer work tonight at a co-worker’s house. But since he didn’t get to see Emmie last night, and wouldn’t have time to come home for dinner tonight, we decided to just go out and get dinner at the Chinese buffet, so we could all eat together. Emerson loves Chinese food! (Please also notice her hold the little jello cube in her left hand.)MVIMG_20190521_174920MVIMG_20190521_174923MVIMG_20190521_174926IMG_20190521_175827IMG_20190521_175830But her favorite part was the dessert! This girl has a serious sweet tooth, and she loved those sugary donuts. And of course she liked sharing Daddy’s ice cream with him.MVIMG_20190521_181131MVIMG_20190521_181134MVIMG_20190521_183515MVIMG_20190521_183531MVIMG_20190521_183533MVIMG_20190521_183534MVIMG_20190521_183535And she kept wanting to go back to look at the fish tank, like, every two minutes. She kept saying, “PISH! PISH!”MVIMG_20190521_184323MVIMG_20190521_184327She got another really great report from school today. I’m loving all these details that Ms. Kristin is sending us, and I love knowing some of these specifics like racing and building towers.Screenshot_20190521-183820Emmie and I came home after dinner, and I threw her in the bath really quickly. I didn’t put her in a swimmy diaper tonight, and she was mad at me about that. She asked for bubbles though, so I made some, but even that didn’t really work. She never sat down, she never really relaxed, and so we were in & out of the bath in about 2 minutes flat. She helped put the nighttime lotion on her tummy, and then wanted some gummies while we read her bedtime books.MVIMG_20190521_192536MVIMG_20190521_192541MVIMG_20190521_192538MVIMG_20190521_192741MVIMG_20190521_193452After reading Peter Pan, she reached for the next book saying “I hold! I hold!” So she held the book, and “read” it to me. She actually did kind of, because she knows what sounds the animals make for the pictures on each page. It was so cute!MVIMG_20190521_193739Apparently I’ve lost a little of my spring time cleaning motivation this week, and I’m taking a break from all my extra chores. I have a feeling I’ll get back to some of them this weekend, since we have a 3-day weekend. Jeff is already on his way home, so I think y’all can guess what we’ll be doing… watching “Fringe!”

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