Dresses & Tennis Shoes

This little girl is a very dramatic tooth-brusher. But at least she’s starting to get a little better at it these days!MVIMG_20190529_070948And drop-off at school this morning went perfectly again. She has done so well transitioning into her new class, and I’ve been so proud of her!MVIMG_20190529_074339Also, I’m loving all the dresses & tennis shoes look on her these days. It’s kind of becoming “her look,” and it’s so cute!MVIMG_20190529_074346MVIMG_20190529_074350MVIMG_20190529_074443MVIMG_20190529_074619You guys. The Indian Butter Chicken leftovers were just as delicious for lunch today, as dinner was last night. I also let one of my work friends Toni try a bite, since she has never had Indian food before, and she really liked it. So that’s really saying something I think. Seriously y’all, make this recipe. MVIMG_20190529_120939Look at this teeny tiny tot from this time last year. She was only 10 months old, and just the teeniest little thing. I also loved this little tea cup outfit.FB_IMG_1559164297336Here are some of the photos we got in our parent portal today. I have loved getting so many pictures lately!PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204532PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204554PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204647PS2ME_05_29_19_294201920479PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204836PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204830PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204813PS2ME_05_29_19_294201920488PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204713PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204729PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204741PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204856PS2ME_05_29_19_294201920499PS2ME_05_29_19_2942019204923I also love these great notes Ms. Kristin writes in her daily report.Screenshot_20190529-210533There was no choir tonight, so we were able to have a Wednesday night off. We stopped by the Dollar Tree on our way home to get cups for her end of the year school party (all the parents sign up to bring one thing). She looked at toys on one side of the aisle, while I looked at books on the other. I also let her pick out one thing, and of course she picked bubbles!MVIMG_20190529_172807MVIMG_20190529_172613MVIMG_20190529_173158We played for a few minutes at home, before I got busy cooking dinner. Pretzel had his bi-annual vet appointment today, and dental cleaning. He actually had to get a few teeth pulled, poor puppy boy. They put them to sleep during the cleaning procedure, so he was still drugged up when Jeff brought him home. And Emerson was so worried about him! She was petting him so softly, and muttering “puppy, puppy, puppy” over and over again. And then she reached up to give him the sweetest, most gentle kiss.MVIMG_20190529_175407IMG_20190529_175631MVIMG_20190529_181908MVIMG_20190529_181915We had spaghetti (and leftover naan) for dinner, and Emerson was going to town slurping up the angel hair noodles. She was also wearing Moana’s little hair clip.IMG_20190529_185758MVIMG_20190529_190106Jeff had to run to the grocery store for some wipes really quick after dinner, so Emerson and I wandered around and played in the backyard. She just loves to be outside! Our banana trees are growing so nicely right now, and I can’t wait till they get really tall. (You have to cut them down to about a foot high in the winter, when they die & turn brown, so they regrow again in the spring/summer.) They usually grow to be about 10-12 feet high, and are taller than our house by the end of the summer.  They’re probably my favorite part of our yard!MVIMG_20190529_192620MVIMG_20190529_192654MVIMG_20190529_192655MVIMG_20190529_192759MVIMG_20190529_192828_1MVIMG_20190529_192828MVIMG_20190529_192909MVIMG_20190529_192910Daddy got home right in time for bedtime books and gummies. Emmie is so precious in her too-big nightgown, and I love when it falls off her tiny shoulder.IMG_20190529_194215Dishes are washed, kitchen is clean, and I think we’ll just watch an episode of “Fringe” before bedtime.

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