August 2022

Buffalo Chicken for Breakfast

OK so yesterday, I said it was just gonna be a photo dump, and then I wrote a lot. Today though, it’s really late already (9:45 as I start typing), and I still have a lot to do before tomorrow morning. So I really am not going to write a bunch…

Fan/tailgating day at GC this morning, so we got Emmie in her Seminoles dress, and Addie in some almost-garnet 😉

Farmer’s Market

First things first, we started out with some orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Luckily, Addison slept great through the night last night (after throwing up once at 5pm-something, and once at 7pm-something), and didn’t throw up again after that. She woke up happy and hungry, and ready to go! She had applesauce & toast & sugar-free Powerade, to keep things easy on her tummy, just in case.


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