May 2018

Caprese & Casserole

Ok first of all, it’s caprese salad season again! It’s a super simple “recipe” of grape tomatoes (which I always halve), mozzarella cheese balls, fresh basil (my fave!), balsamic vinegar and S&P, and I’m obsessed with this stuff in the summertime! I made some last night, and when I was doing a quick quality control taste test, I had to force myself not to just eat the whole thing! But I took it to work to have for lunch, along with a salad, and a leftover piece of pizza. Sooo good! I once again had to force myself to stop eating it, so I could save half for tomorrow.

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Shutterfly Surprise

A month or so ago, I got a Shutterfly discount code in my email for the exact thing I needed to create. Today, I finally made & ordered it! It’s super cute, and I can’t wait to hold the real thing once it comes in. But it’s a surprise! I want to wait to share until it’s been given to the appropriate recipient/s, so I probably won’t share here on the blog for another week and a half or so. But I will eventually share! I’m just so excited about it! (I also took the most adorable photos of Emerson this morning before school for the project, but I’m gonna keep those secret to share later too.)

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Indian Lunch Buffet

I have been craving Indian food lately, and so today I got me hubby to take me out on a lunch date. He picked me up from my office, and we went to Essence of India, which is right behind Olive Garden for those who might be wondering. I’ve only tried two or three Indian places in town, but this one is my favorite. They have a weekday lunch buffet, and it’s all so delicious!

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Rainy Memorial Day

Most people usually spend Memorial Day Weekend outside as much as possible – at the lake, in the backyard, in the pool, at the beach… And then there’s typically a big grill out with burgers, hot dogs, ribs & watermelon. But Florida wasn’t having any of that this year! It’s been raining for pretty much three days straight at this point, so we’ve been doing pretty much the opposite of the rest of the country. We’ve been “hunkered down” in this “sub tropical storm!” (P.S. – It drives me crazy how much the phrase “hunker down” is repeated during hurricane season.)

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Dinner Party Hosts

Its been a while since we’ve hosted anything at our house (since the tea party in February probably), and so I randomly decided I wanted to invite my parents & Grandmommie over for dinner tonight. I made this Pioneer Woman recipe for steak sandwiches, baked waffle fries & made a big salad in my giant bowl. And we used my new bowls I thrifted yesterday, and they were great! We also cut those beautiful hydrangeas from our backyard!

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Flooding Rain

Today was one of those rare days that Jeff & I drove separately, because he had some side IT work to do for a friend. So after work I was by myself, driving to pickup Emerson from daycare, and the bottom dropped out of the sky & it started flooding rain! I’m talking cats & dogs people. Luckily I was able to get one of the covered pickup spots at school, & quickly ran in to grab the baby girl. Our usual route home is a quick 4 miles on the interstate, then just a few more minutes of weaving through town. But I have serious anxiety about interstate driving in the rain. In fact, I avoid it whenever possible, especially these days with my very precious cargo. So instead, I called my mama (who lives close to daycare) and invited myself on over to their house. She didn’t mind of course!

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Emerson’s First Tooth!

Emerson finally has her first tooth! It took her 10 months, but the first one finally cut through. It actually popped out overnight last Sunday night. On Mother’s Day, she had zero teeth. Then the next morning, that bad boy was white & shining us in the face! So even though it happened over a week ago, I wasn’t able to get a good photo (or any photo at all really) until today finally. Check out that little tooth, and these silly faces she’s making!

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Zoe’s With Grammy

Tonight, Jeff had a deacons meeting at church (and my dad is out of town for work), so Emerson and I had girls night dinner from Zoe’s at Grammy’s house. Grammy got to pick her up from school, and see her new classroom and meet her new teachers. I ordered dinner from Zoe’s online, and ran in to pick it up after work. We hung out and ate dinner together, and that was definitely the best part of the day!

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Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Praise the Lord for rainy Sunday afternoons. But especially for naps on a rainy Sunday afternoon! It was a busy weekend, so I cuddled up under a soft blanket, and just let myself slip into sleep (right in the middle of watching “Big Fish”) when the rain started late this afternoon. And it was so lovely. Emerson woke up a few minutes before I did, but Daddy took care of her, so I could slowly wake up.

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A Flamingle & A Wedding

This morning started out with a women’s ministry event at my sister’s church. (Actually, before that, sweet Emerson fell asleep with Daddy while watching Moana while I was getting ready. So sweet!) The theme for this one was “Let’s Flamingle” and they had all sorts of cute tropical-ish decor. They do 3 of these events are year, and usually me, my mama, Grandmommie and Aunt all go. Today it was just me & Aunt Suzanne, as mom & “gmom” had other obligations. But Megan’s church always hosts great, spirit-filled events, and I’m glad I was able to go this morning.

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Lunch with Mama

As I’ve mentioned before, Jeff and I typically carpool to work almost every day. Today though, Pretzel had his annual vet check-up, so we drove separate so Jeff could drop him off early this morning. So that means I had my own car for the day, and could go out on a lunch date! So last night I texted my mama & sister to see if they were free for lunch. Unfortunately Megan wasn’t, but Mama was, and so we had a lunch date today!

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Church Choir

I’ve been a part of our church choir for the past three years or so. We rehearse every Wednesday night, and sing every Sunday morning. I’m also a part of our praise team, which means I sing my Alto part at the front of the stage with a microphone, the third Sunday of every month. AndI love it! I love learning new songs and new parts and new harmonies. The harmonies are my favorite actually. …

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OK y’all. I know I’m about 6 months late to the party, but whoa dang! This movie! It is so stinking good! Jeff and I finally watched “The Greatest Showman” last night, and I was instantly obsessed by the first song. Duh. Why wouldn’t I be?! I had sooo many friends dying for me to watch it, and each of them assuring me I would love it. I knew I would of course, I just never got around to it. But wow I’m so glad I finally did. Each and every song gave me chills. I was so very impressed with so many of the actors and their voices. (I mean, I had no idea Michelle Williams could sing like that!) I shared this on Instagram last night, and I got tons of responses from people excited for me to finally see it, and also sharing how much they love it.


Mother’s Day

It has been a long, full, amazing first Mother’s Day for me. We spent all day with family, and it was just a special day. You can’t really ever know how much your parents love you, until you become a parent yourself, and experience this kind of motherly love for yourself. Having my little precious girl now, puts my own mother, and everything she does for us, in a whole new light. (I know it’s cliche, but wow it’s so true.) So thank you Mommy, for being the most amazing mother!

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