Rainy Memorial Day

Most people usually spend Memorial Day Weekend outside as much as possible – at the lake, in the backyard, in the pool, at the beach… And then there’s typically a big grill out with burgers, hot dogs, ribs & watermelon. But Florida wasn’t having any of that this year! It’s been raining for pretty much three days straight at this point, so we’ve been doing pretty much the opposite of the rest of the country. We’ve been “hunkered down” in this “sub tropical storm!” (P.S. – It drives me crazy how much the phrase “hunker down” is repeated during hurricane season.)

Anyways, we started the day with egg-in-the-hole for breakfast (which is my favorite!) for me & hubby, and scrambled eggs for baby. We then took a trip to Walmart. Our list had 4 small-ish things, but we ended up spending $100+ at the register! Luckily we had returned some items first, so we had a $55 store gift card. But we got new sheets (which we desperately needed), swimming diapers for the babe, a muffin pan, and a pair of black jeggings, amoung other things.

And then Emerson just took off walking with her new toy! I was in the back of the house, and Jeff was up front yelling, “You’ve got to come see your daughter!” And I was like, “Oh no, tell her to stop & wait on mommy!”

Emerson then took a good nap, while we enjoyed movie rest time in the rain. Afterwards, we both got a “cattaccino” at the new Tally Cat Cafe, and let Emmie check out the kitties through the windows. Then we stopped by my parents house for a quick surprise visit. My Grandmommie was there too, so they were all very excited to see us all Emerson. We also made two stops at two Little Free Libraries, and I exchanged two books. Super excited about this one!

After another nap for Emmie, Jeff’s parents came over to hang out & eat dinner. We took the easy route this time, and ordered pizza! No cooking, no hassle, no dishes, no clean up! Easy peasy. And delicious.

Even with the crazy amount of rain we’ve had, I’ve still loved our long, 3-day weekend! We’ve had good times with our families, and lots of quality time with our baby girl. I’d do it all again next weekend if we could!

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