Phew, today has been exhausting! But good! But productive! But tiring for sure. Remember last night I said I was making a to-do list for this weekend? Well I worked HARD on it today. I got about half of the things crossed off, and man it wore me out.

But even though I worked hard, we still got to enjoy some good things too. And I took a ton of photos again today too. We started off with Donut Kingdom for breakfast wearing jammies. We figured we’d splurge for the box of a dozen, so we’d have them for breakfast for the whole weekend. Emerson enjoyed the treat too.

We also got to have some fun play time this afternoon with our adorable baby nugget, after her bath and a mani/pedi by Mommy.

Then we had peaches & provolone cheese for lunch, while it was pouring rain outside again. (Yes, Emerson and I both ate the same fruit & cheese for lunch. Daddy had gone to a mid-morning movie with a friend, and then picked up our Walmart groceries, so we kept it simple.)

After Emerson’s afternoon nap time, we found ourselves a good rainy day activity, teaching her to hunt for bargains at the Living Harvest thrift store! We scored 23 records, 9 books, and 4 pasta bowls, all for only $32! (I found the giant Pasta serving bowl like eight years ago at a garage sale, so I was super excited to find these matching individial bowls today!!)

We then had an early dinner since we were all so hungry after our small snack lunch. We had sausage dogs & green beans, while listening to our “new” Tony Bennett “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” record.

Emerson was kind of fussy after dinner, so she went to bed early around 6:15 (her normal time is around 7:30), after a bottle of warm milk. We both did some more chores (I washed dishes while listening to my current audiobook), before we were just too tired to do any more. Now, Jeff, Pretzel and I are all on the couch resting. I read some of my book for a bit before writing this blog, and I’ll pick it up again once I finish. Meanwhile, Jeff is studying to substitute teach our Sunday school class lesson in the morning.

Today was a good, productive, tiring, fun day. But I’m looking forward to crawling in bed soon.

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