Flooding Rain

Today was one of those rare days that Jeff & I drove separately, because he had some side IT work to do for a friend. So after work I was by myself, driving to pickup Emerson from daycare, and the bottom dropped out of the sky & it started flooding rain! I’m talking cats & dogs people. Luckily I was able to get one of the covered pickup spots at school, & quickly ran in to grab the baby girl. Our usual route home is a quick 4 miles on the interstate, then just a few more minutes of weaving through town. But I have serious anxiety about interstate driving in the rain. In fact, I avoid it whenever possible, especially these days with my very precious cargo. So instead, I called my mama (who lives close to daycare) and invited myself on over to their house. She didn’t mind of course!

We kept it a surprise for my dad though (who was working a little late), and once he was close to home, we waited on the front porch so Emerson could greet him. It was adorable when they saw each other! By this time, the rain had slowed to just a sprinkle, so we decided to grab dinner at Milano’s.

Emmie ate some of a garlic knot, tiny bits of cucumber with ranch, and gnawed on a big slice of tomato, which she seemed to really love! But she was soooo super tired, so as soon as I finished my baked ziti, we skeedaddled on home.

And then I got lots of good sleepy loves & snuggles while rocking her to sleep. Jeff is still out & about doing random IT work (in case y’all didn’t know, he does a BUNCH of IT stuff on the side for friends, family, and acquaintances, basically as a second job – so hit him up if you need anything), and I’m cozied up at home, with the thunder rumbling in the distance.

It’s not raining here currently, but I’m hoping it starts again. One of my favorite things is sleeping while it’s raining, so I’m hoping we get some more. There’s also just something so homey and cozy about being in your home, safe and sound and dry, while it’s pouring rain outside. Now I’m gonna go grab a blanket, light a candle, and watch an episode of Nashville…

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