Caprese & Casserole

Ok first of all, it’s caprese salad season again! It’s a super simple “recipe” of grape tomatoes (which I always halve), mozzarella cheese balls, fresh basil (my fave!), balsamic vinegar and S&P, and I’m obsessed with this stuff in the summertime! I made some last night, and when I was doing a quick quality control taste test, I had to force myself not to just eat the whole thing! But I took it to work to have for lunch, along with a salad, and a leftover piece of pizza. Sooo good! I once again had to force myself to stop eating it, so I could save half for tomorrow.

Then tonight, our whole family went over to my Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Keith’s house for dinner. Their son (my cousin) Aaron, moved to Missouri last spring to pastor a church, and he hasn’t been home since last September. He was home again visiting this week, so we all got together for family dinner tonight! My uncle made delicious shrimp & sausage casserole, with salad & garlic bread. Plus we had homemade apple pie with ice cream. That was some good food y’all.

We got a good family photo while Aaron was home, since we haven’t all been together in quite a while. He had only met Emerson once before, back when she was barely two months old. She kept staring at him, and being so silly, and just trying to figure out this “new guy” in the family. And then of course everyone else got some good baby loves as well.

We couldn’t stay long because it was Emmie’s bedtime (and she was on the verge of full meltdown), but it was a good meal, and we had a great time with family. Aaron flies back to MO late tomorrow night, but I’m glad we could all get together tonight while he was home!

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