Hippie Sunshine

This morning, I asked Emerson if she wanted some of my banana bread for her breakfast. She excitedly said YES! but then she was confused about the bread I put in front of her instead of a banana. So I had to explain to her the bananas were IN the bread, and that it tasted like bananas. And then once she tried it, she realized she liked it!MVIMG_20190519_072732MVIMG_20190519_073124MVIMG_20190519_073127

My precious Emerson is now 22 months old (+ 10 days), and I love her more than ever! She’s in mostly 12-month size clothes, size 3 diapers, and has *hopefully* hit 20 lbs by now, but she hasn’t been weighed in a while.

In this past month, her speech and vocabulary has really taken off, and she knows so many words. She also repeats so many things we say like a little parrot. She loves to say “cheeeese” when we take her photos, and she smiles super hard (like in this first one). She hates being messy, and loves having a wipe, and/or wiping things. (Please notice the wipe in the photos.)

We’ve started into that toddler phase where she’s happy and laughing one minute, then fussing and whining the next. It is the exact definition of sweet & sour, but those sweet moments still outweigh the sour, and she’s still the best baby girl.


We had a great morning at church, and gave her teachers the notebooks she traced her hands in last night. We stopped to pick up roast beef sandwiches from Arby’s on our way home, and this girl learned to say “diva.” Then she ate almost her entire slider, like a big girl!MVIMG_20190519_121741MVIMG_20190519_123409MVIMG_20190519_123415MVIMG_20190519_124254Emerson took a short nap (just over an hour) while I wrote yesterday’s blog post, after my website was down yesterday. I think my site is fine now (although the formatting looks weird now and I can’t get it back to “normal”), but the app is acting weird, so I’m back to blogging from the computer in our front bedroom, and watching “FRIENDS” on Netflix in a smaller window off to the side 😉

Anyways, after a short nap, we went outside for a bit. But we could only handle it for about 10 minutes, before we were both sweating and needed to get back into the a/c!00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190519151111901_COVER00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190519151140086_COVERMVIMG_20190519_151034MVIMG_20190519_151308MVIMG_20190519_151409She grabbed my finger and wanted me to get up and follow her. She does this a lot, and I think it’s really sweet.MVIMG_20190519_151721I asked her if she wanted to change into a more comfortable play outfit, and she said, “outfit!” So we found a  new romper in her closet she hadn’t worn yet. And it’s so cute! She looks like a little hippie from the 70’s, nicknamed Sunshine, and I love it. MVIMG_20190519_152709_1Jeff was off working at his side job thing again, installing that server he was building last night. So Emerson and I ran to Publix for one ingredient that Walmart didn’t have, that I needed for my new recipe tonight. And of course she needed a sugar cookie snack while we were there!MVIMG_20190519_153816MVIMG_20190519_155526MVIMG_20190519_155527

And then this cool chick and I went to the library for a little while. We went up in that little loft area for kids, and another little girl named Molly followed us up there. She was 3, and super chatty, and really sweet. Her and Emmie played together up there for about 20 minutes, and they were so cute!MVIMG_20190519_161713MVIMG_20190519_161848MVIMG_20190519_162156MVIMG_20190519_163156MVIMG_20190519_165018MVIMG_20190519_165250We stopped by for a quick visit with Grammy and Pepaw, and Emmie loved watching some Sesame Street video on the iPad. She couldn’t get quite close enough though, and she was just bouncing her little butt, dancing around. So funny!MVIMG_20190519_174215When we got home, Emmie started doing some work in her food truck, while I got dinner started. I made a new recipe tonight, from one of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers, for One-Pot Chicken & Coconut Curry Noodles. And you guys, I honestly think this was one of the best things I’ve ever cooked. I mean, I can follow a recipe really well, and I’m not a terrible cook, but wow! There was SO MUCH flavor in this thing, and I really, really loved it. I followed her recipe to a T, but added sliced carrots, diced onions, and extra garlic, because that’s just what I do.MVIMG_20190519_181137MVIMG_20190519_180746MVIMG_20190519_191152Emerson had leftover chicken nuggets, but she also tried some of the ramen noodles, and she really liked them!MVIMG_20190519_191906We also got lots of leftovers out of the deal, so I’m super excited to eat mine for lunch tomorrow. And we have enough cilantro to last until 2020. However, I’m the only one that likes cilantro! So if anyone wants a giant bunch of the stuff, lemme know. It’s yours 😉MVIMG_20190519_194512Dishes are all washed, and the kitchen is clean. It’s still early, so it’s time for an episode of “Fringe.”

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