Chicken Shawarma

This cute little baby girl was so see and happy this morning! Also, she picked out her own shoes afan 😉

Megan was having circle time with all the girls this morning. I told her she should read a book to them!

On my lunch hour, I made a super quick trip to Publix for a few last minute things for tonight’s dinner (had to ask a stranger passing by to grab the BOGO olive oil I wanted off the top shelf since I couldn’t reach it), and I grabbed a sub while I was there. Then I ran home to get the chicken marinating for the afternoon. I was trying out a new recipe tonight for chicken shawarma, and you marinate in these 7 spices, plus S&P, mixed all together in olive oil.

On my afternoon break at work, I went through the summer reading guide from Anne Bogel who blogs at Modern Mrs. Darcy (and does the “What Should I Read Next” podcast), and added 11 new books to my TBR (to be read) list. Her list has 30 books, one of which I’ve read, and five I already had on my TBR. I put holds on quite a few at the library, and I’m looking forward to some good reading this summer! (I put asterisks to the left corner of books I want to read, and circled the one book I’ve already read.)

And here are just four of the books I added to my TBR on Goodreads today.

This time three years ago, we were in Powell family vacation in North Carolina. This was our last family vacation before my Granddaddy passed away later that summer, and I great cherish the memories from this trip!

We only got one photo from school today, and she’s making this crazy face.

I had a great tiny helper at the grocery store after work. (Had to go to a second store today, since I couldn’t find tzatziki in Publix.)

But since she was pushing a buggy and not riding in one, she couldn’t eat her banana like usual. So we had to buy one for the road, and I sat in the back seat with her while she ate it before we left the parking lot 🤣

And then I started a new audio book on the way home. This author (and this book), are constantly recommended on Modern Mrs. Darcy & her podcast, so I have high expectations for it. Daddy and Emerson colored while I worked on dinner. So after the chicken marinates for a while, you roast it for 15 minutes, and then saute it in a skillet to crisp it up a bit. I also made us Greek(ish) salads to go with it, and we ate the chicken on pita taco thingy’s with tzatziki sauce & toppings. And it was so yummy! (Click here to check out the recipe.) For our salads, I used the Greek dressing from Zoe’s, and man that stuff is so good! So for my lunch tomorrow, I just made myself a giant Greek chicken salad with the leftovers, with the meat right on it. And I’m already excited to eat it.

I also made myself a glass of cucumber water for dinner, and that was do delicious and refreshing. I’m actually having another glass now while I write.

Emerson noticed we were eating something she didn’t have (salad), so she kept motioning and reaching doe for bowls. So we held it up to her to see what she wanted, and she just took a giant handful of lettuce, and made herself a little salad!

We had some play time after dinner, and did video chats with Grammy & Pepaw, and Meggie, Bo & the babies.

We read just one book before bedtime tonight, because Emerson was just super tired and super emotional and was just upset about nothing and everything. Daddy read the book, and then I said her prayers, and for the first time during prayers, she actually closed her eyes. She was even nodding along while I prayed. And my heart was so happy watching my sweet girl out of my own slitted eyes, trying to focus on my prayer! It was the sweetest thing.
I had a ton of dishes to wash (they got neglected the other night after mowing the yard), and a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen. It took nearly an hour, but things are sparkling now! Well, they will be after I finish wiping off the bleach I sprayed a bit ago on the counters. We have old white whatever-it-is-material-counters from the 60’s, and all that yellow-y oil from the marinade & chicken made little drippy stains. This has happened before, but I know my Kaboom! with bleach will whiten it all back up!

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