Watermelon Baby

My baby girl was dressed like a watermelon today, and honestly I just wanted to eat her up! Watermelon is also my favorite fruit, so she just looked perfect to me!

And this was her “cheeeeessseeee!!!” face. Obviously.Look at those teeny legs!My Grandmommie went over to my sister’s house today, and I just love this picture of her with the triplets.Sloppy joe leftovers & a book for my lunch break today.And just a couple of photos from Emmie’s school today.Today was a crazy at work today. Not only we were just super busy, but in our small unit of eight people, four of us were out today (one was my supervisor, and one was my counter-part). I usually take a 30-minute lunch break on Wednesday’s, and leave at 4:30, so that I can get Emmie & have dinner with my family before church. But with all the craziness today, I had to stay at work until 5pm. So my Mama picked up Emerson from school, and Emmie got to ride in the Jeep! The family still all had dinner together at Tijuana Flats, I just wasn’t able to join them. My Mama said Emmie probably had at least one bite of everyone else’s meals, plus one triangle of her own cheese quesadilla.I went through the drive-thru at Bannerman Chick-fil-A, up by my church. And good grief those people are efficient! Not only do they walk from car to car taking orders (and even scanning your app and taking your payment), but then they have a new system for food delivery now too. Instead of just stopping at the window, the first car pulls up past it, in line with the very front of the building, and a team member is out there walking food & drinks up & down the line of the 3 or 4 cars on that side of the building, so things move even faster. It’s incredible!

Have y’all seen that meme floating around Facebook that says something like – “The people that thought up the Chick-fil-A drive-thru line should be put in charge of the government.” ?? Well dang if that ain’t the truth!

Anyways, after I got in & out of line in about the same time it took me to say “nugget meal with CFA sauce & sweet tea,” I went on to church, and ate my dinner sitting in Emerson’s classroom. I got to spend a few minutes with her that way before it was time for choir, and she got a few more bites of food! I also got to chat with her teachers a little bit, and learned one of them got a new job, and she won’t be able to do Wednesday night nursery anymore, and next week is her last week! Emmie will be sad, because she definitely loves “Ashee.” (Ashley)After choir, Jeff got Emerson from her class, and brought her into the sanctuary to see me before we started praise team. She saw this giant stained glass window and said, “Jesus!”I have been singing on praise team lately with Bart and Jennifer (who are married), and we always have a good time together. They are just funny people, and I enjoy hanging out with them for an hour of singing! Also, Jennifer reads my blog almost daily (Hi Jen!), and she remembers all the little details. So tonight, she was repeating back my life to me, and I told her she probably could just write tonight’s post herself at this point!Can y’all see the beautiful colored shadows in the back wall of the room and on the front of the balcony, coming from the stained glass window? It started on the far right pees, and moved upwards, and it just looked so cool tonight in there, with the late setting sun, but this picture just doesn’t even do it justice.Jeff had given Emerson a bath when they got home, and he said she did better tonight, but she still wore the swimmy diaper. But he got her to “help” wash her hair and tummy and knees, and she really liked doing that.They were just getting ready for bed when I got home (this is her putting on her night time lotion & sniffing it), and I was so glad I got the join in for bedtime books & snacks!Tonight we read The Little Golden Book version of The Little Mermaid. She did really well sitting and listening to the whole thing, even if we did skip a couple pages here and there. (It was longer & wordier than Peter Pan!)While Jeff was reading, she would cover her eyes and then peek out at me, with the biggest smile on her face. I started doing it too, and she just loved it. This little girl is just the absolute sweetest, and my heart was so full getting to love on her for a few more minutes before bedtime!

I watered my three indoor plants, pulled out some frozen chicken to thaw for tomorrow night’s dinner, and now I’m gonna be “lazy,” and not do any chores tonight. TV time, then bed time.

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