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Emerson was very sweet, sharing waffles with Ms. Kristin this morning. Then she pretended this was a donut, and she brought it over to share a bite with me too.Jeff stopped to grab breakfast for a special Friday breakfast, and then dropped it off at my office for me. So sweet of him to do that, and it was so yummy!Can you guess where I went on my lunch break today? This tree is actually at my office (and I love it), but I went to the library to pick up some holds! “The Farm” is brand new (came out on May 7th), and it’s super hot right now, “The Accidental Beauty Queen” is on Anne Bogel’s summer reading guide, and “News of the World” is an older one just I’ve wanted to read for a while.And then of course I went back to my desk to read “From Scratch” after eating my lunch. I have about 25 pages left, and it’s just been such a lovely book. It’s also got my wanderlust for Italy blazing full throttle! Here are some of the photos from school today…My favorite part of her daily report, is that she ate FOUR servings of oatmeal for breakfast! Such a hungry baby girl!We kept it super simple for Friday night dinner – chicken nuggets & broccoli cheddar pasta, on paper plates. Easy, yummy, very minimal clean up.And then Emerson was asking for brownies, which we didn’t have, so we decided to just grab the weekly ad & head to Publix for a quick grocery trip. We found all the good BOGO deals, and stocked up on some things like boxes of pasta & muffin mixes. Plus, Emmie got a cookie, and we bought some brownies for later.She’s also a very helpful tiny shopper, finding all the good deals for Mommy & Daddy.Jammies, pink milk, and gummies on the couch before bedtime.Today is the 8th anniversary of mine and Jeff’s first date! The super short story is that we met on an online dating site, chatted, texted & emailed for about three weeks, and then spur of the moment met up for lunch at Zaxby’s for what we consider our first date. (This photo is from Thanksgiving 2017, but I love it.)I’m not doing chores or dishes tonight (just because I don’t want to), so instead we’re going to watch a new Netflix movie, “Always Be My Maybe,” and just enjoy our Friday night!
















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