Log Cabin Filet Mignon

Went with our usual Saturday morning breakfast, of egg sandwiches, but added some canned peaches today too. (Plus the Tajin on mine.)

Miss Priss didn’t eat much at the breakfast table, and then wanted a snack, so we put her plate back down on the coffee table, and then she cleaned her plate.

Jeff went out this morning for a haircut, and he picked up our grocery order while he was out. I stayed home with the girls and got started on some chores. By the time Jeff got back home, it was almost time for the girls’ lunch, so I made them some food, and then he sat with them and I washed a bunch of dishes (while starting on this new audio book). Then it was their nap time, and they both fell asleep quickly.

While the girls napped, Jeff and I ate lunch, folded about three loads of little girl clothes, and watched a couple of episodes of “The Staircase” (a murder-mystery docuseries on Netflix), until it was time for the girls to wake up, and for us to get showered and cleaned up.

After the girls woke up, and Jeff and I were showered and clean and dressed, we went over to drop off the girls with Nana and PopPop, and Nana’s two sisters, Aunt Laura and Aunt Elaine, who just got in town today, visiting from West Virginia! The girls stayed with them for the evening, played and ate dinner and had a bath, and were just loved and doted on for a few hours.

Meanwhile, Jeff and I met up with my side of the family, for a little road trip up to Bainbridge, for a nice family dinner at The Pond House, treated by Grandmommie! It’s a cute little log-cabin looking restaurant, down a dirt road way out in the country. But the filet mignon I ordered was so buttery and soft, and literally the best steak I’ve ever had in my life.

It was a fun little road trip, and a nice night out with adults only, and obviously delicious food, like I already said. The girls were totally exhausted from their late night though, by the time we got back to Nana’s, and were definitely ready to go to sleep. Emmie laid down in her bed once we got home, and was out cold in just a few minutes flat, but Addie needed Daddy to rock her for a little bit first, while I wrote this post. I’m heading back in there to check on them, but I’m sure they’re both asleep by now.

We did a bunch of chores and stuff this morning, so that was tiring, and then we’ve had a late night, and of course tonight/tomorrow is time change and we lose an hour, so I’m sure it’ll be a rough, sleepy morning. And I already know I’m gonna want a nap tomorrow after church.

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