Books Galore

Another day, another set of matching dresses for my always adorable girls.

Found this book today on the “free” table in the breakroom, so I grabbed it, since it’s been on my TBR (to-be-read) for years.

And I also saw this on the “free” table, and grabbed it for Ryan (my step-son), because he’s been reading through all of King’s books lately, and figured he’d be interested in this copy of “Misery” from the 1960’s.

And Addie also had a visit from Aunt Meggie, Uncle Bo when they picked up the triplets this afternoon.

While waiting for Jeff to get home after work today, the girls just laid next to each other, each on a crocheted blankie from Grandmommie, watching some kitty cat detective show. Then Addie wanted me to wrap her up, and she walked around like this for at least 10 minutes, until it fell off.

Then we had a random hodge-podge of stuff for dinner, doing a fridge cleanup of leftovers from the week.

After dinner, we had about an hour of sweet family time, reading library books, listening to music, and coloring together.



Then both girls just slept in their dresses from the day, because they were soft and cozy, and practically felt like a nightgown anyways. Emerson and I started on our new chapter book tonight, but only read the first 5 pages, so we didn’t get into it too much yet.

I’m heading back to color a little bit more, or maybe read, depending on what Jeff’s doing and what we end up watching. I’m currently reading this Kindle book that I borrowed from the library, and even though I just started it a day or so ago, I’m about 75% in, and super into it so far.

This post ended up being about a lot of different book-ish things, just books galore!

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