Pink Plaid Pants

For some reason tonight, I just don’t really feel like writng much, and I’m just ready to curl up and watch a Christmas movie. So my post will be brief with a few pictures & updates, and then I’ll wrap it up quickly.

First of all, it was so cold today!

So we dressed Emerson in a super cute warm & cozy new winter outfit. The little pink plaid pants are lined with super soft material inside, and so warm!

More sweet hugs for sweet friends!

Yesterday, Emerson cried at drop-off because her favorite teacher wasn’t there. Today, Ms. Q was back, and Emerson barely noticed when I left! And doesn’t she just look so sassy in this picture?!

I finished my 24-hour audiobook today. It only took me 12 days! And it was really good. If you’re into futuristic sci-fi, I definitely recommend this series. The series is called The Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer.

The next two pictures were sent to us from her teachers in the parent portal app today.

I stayed inside where it was warm for my lunch break, and read library book. Even though I picked it up last Monday, I didn’t start until yesterday. I’m only about a hundred pages in so far, so it’s hard to tell, but I like it so far. Also, I noticed that my entire lunch was white… white bread, white chips, white cheese, and white dessert. Weird.

While I got dinner ready after work tonight, Daddy and Emerson packed up the leftover baby food that she doesn’t eat anymore, to donate to hurricane relief victims, through my office. Emerson really was helpful taking things out of the hutch and putting them into the bag! That’s kind of one her favorite activities right now.

We had turkey sloppy joes for dinner, with Velveeta mac and cheese and green beans. Emerson basically just ate the mac and cheese. Although I did trick her and sneak in a few bites of meat.

Then since she was covered in cheese, went straight to the bath tub.

She slipped in the bathtub, and even though she barely went under the water (you can see the side of her head is still kind of dry,), she got a little scared and upset. So she needed a hug from Daddy. Which was just so sweet.

Once she was dry, and warm, and dressed in her jammies, she had a bottle of hot milk and went straight to sleep after bedtime prayers and a few minutes of rocking.

I’m going to force myself to wash some dishes, since I forgot about that, and then come quickly curl back up and get some rest. Good night friends!

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