Thanksgiving 2018

We had a simple breakfast of store-bought cinnamon rolls this morning, so we wouldn’t get full before Thanksgiving lunch.

Emerson was so super excited to see her brothers this morning! She was asleep when they got home last night, so when they came in her room this morning she was so surprised! It was adorable. She couldn’t get enough of them this morning.

Gabe brought his saxophone to show off what he’s learned in band class at school, and I was really impressed!

Emerson then surprised us by needing a morning nap! She was fussy & cranky, so I changed her diaper, and just held her, and she started calming down with her head on my shoulder. She ended up napping from 9:30-11:30! Then we went over to my parents’ house for lunch!

Emerson’s onesie says “Little Miss Gobble Gobble.” They’ve actually been teaching her to flap her wings & say “gobble gobble” at school, and we got her to say it a few times today too!

My Mama found a paper tablecloth with turkey games on it!

My Mama also got these super cute turkey-shaped sugar cookies from Tasty Pastry. Emerson carried hers around everywhere for about 30 minutes, and eventually ate the entire thing!

She was dying to be outside all day, so after lunch & dessert, Papa, Ryan & Gabe took her for another wagon ride. She loved it just as much today!

My sister Megan and her hubby Bo were in Alabama with Bo’s family today. We missed them a lot, but at least we got to FaceTime them!

Also, family photos can be difficult when the strong-willed one-year-old wants to get down and do her own thing.

We came home for a while so Emerson could take another nap at home in her crib. It was really rough getting her to sleep though, and she fought me super hard on it. Once I got her down though, she slept for about an hour. Jeff left first to go run a pre-Black Friday errand really quick, then we went over to his parents’ house for dinner, and we saw this beautiful sunset!

Jeff’s parents gave Emerson this cool princess carriage for her birthday, but “we” just finally started putting it together tonight. It was dark (and she was way too tired) once it was finished, but we’ll take it for a spin soon!

Emerson loved the mashed potatoes tonight, but eventually started eating them her hands and making a giant mess. Especially once she started rubbing it all in her hair. I wish I had taken a photo! So straight to the tub we went…

Completed princess carriage, with her very own horse!

We stayed and played for a few more minutes, but the tryptophan was kicking in for Emerson, so her and I headed home first. She wanted lots of loves & cuddles before bedtime tonight, and I was more than willing to hold her longer.

Today was long, but also great! I hope you and your families and had a nice time together today as well, and that you took time to really think of all the things you’re thankful for. I’m going to do it again one more time myself!

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