No Use Crying Over Spilt Popcorn

OK, first of all, let’s look at the difference in Emerson from this time last year up till yesterday. Google made this little collage last night, and I just about died at how much she’s changed! WOW she was just the tiniest little tot! She couldn’t even sit up on her own get, and look at her go now!

First thing this morning, Jeff and the boys woke up super early to hit the road by 7am. Emmie and I actually slept through it, and didn’t wake up until 7:45. Which was good for me to “sleep in” a but, since I stayed up super late (12:15am, which is definitely super late for this old lady), finishing up my book. And it was super good. (For the record, it was #4 in the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny, A Rule Against Murder.)

OK, back on track, once Emmie was awake, we did a morning bath time, to get the bonfire smell out of her hair, from the party last night.

On the way into church, I tried to take a couple photos while carrying her, but it didn’t quite work out, and this is the best I could get…

Today’s sermon was really great. It was about being thankful for our families, and what the Bible teaches about Biblical relationships and families. I took a ton of notes on the bulletin, and highly recommend everyone watch it, here.

Then Emerson and I had lunch with my parents at Smash Burger. She loved her grilled cheese and tater tots, but she most of all loved my lemonade! But she also loves her Pepaw!

After lunch, we came straight home and I got Emerson to nap immediately. She was exhausted after such a big morning at Sunday school, church, and lunch. I sat down to rest as well for a while, and was snacking on popcorn while watching an episode of This is Us. (We always bring the refill home, keep it under a plastic bag, and snack on it for a few days. Even stale movie theater popcorn is still delicious!) But then I reached over to put it on the side table, and I put it half on the table, and half on a remote, and the thing tipped over. But half of the popcorn fell out and I just watched it in what felt like slow motion. I then had to get down on my hands and knees, scoop it all up, and put it in a plastic bag to throw out. I just thought it was silly and the exact kind of thing that happens to me all the time…

Emerson slept for about an hour and a half, and woke up super sweet and ready to play. And ready to drink some more of my lemonade!

Then we headed over to my parents’ house, for another ride in the wagon. I’m pretty sure she would just ride in this wagon for hours on end, as long as we would keep walking around with her!

After the walk, we got out cheese, fruit, and crackers for snack time, but then quickly discovered she wasn’t really into it. My mom broke out the peanut butter though, and then Emerson really went crazy! It wasn’t her first time having peanut butter, but it was the first time she really, really loved it!

Since Jeff’s car has been out of commission all weekend while he’s working on a few things, his mom let him borrow hers for the drive back today. So once he made it back to town, he went to their house, and we went to pick him up. We finally got back home around 6pm, and Emerson was very happy to have some playtime with Daddy, while I heated up some leftovers for dinner.

After dinner and more playtime, we got her dressed and some new Christmas PJs from Nana. They say, “Bedtime? Snow problem!” We also gave her this tiny little Olaf tonight, which she immediately loved, of course. Our little niece Anderson actually gave it to me a few years ago, when she was here visiting one time. I’ve put it out as Christmas decor for the last few years, but figured Emerson would really like it tonight, and she did!

She was exhausted again, and definitely ready for bed. Luckily she went down very easily tonight, and she’s been asleep for about 30 minutes. Jeff is on the computer helping someone remotely, and I’m watching Gilmore Girls while I blog in the living room, well stealing glances over at my beautiful, sparkly Christmas tree. We also have a new sugar cookie scented candle burning, and things are just so very cozy in here.

The last four or so days have been crazy busy and chaotic, but also so full of fun and family. I’m so thankful for so many things, but these last four days have really showed me how blessed I am with amazing family, friends, church, and so many other things. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend as well!

Now, bring on all things Christmas!

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