Triplet Gender Reveal!!!

We started off our day with family breakfast at one of our favorite places, Canopy Road Cafe. Megan & Bo were the last to arrive, and Emerson literally ran through the restaurant to them when they got there. Then she stayed with Aunt Meggie for a quite a while. Then I was the first person to get my food, so of course she came back to see Mommy. Then Gabe’s food came, and the funfetti pancake was set right in front of her, and she could hardly stand it! Eventually she grabbed her own fork, & dug right in it! On out way out once we finished, we ran into a fellow NFC alum and blog reader, Hi, Connie!

At home, we played for a while, and got down all the Christmas boxes from the top of the closet, and then cleaned the living room. Emerson went down for a late morning nap right before 11am, and we waited for Nana (Jeff’s mom) to come over. Once she got there, we got our (artificial) Christmas tree up, floofed, and decorated. This is the earliest I’ve ever gotten my tree up, and I’m so excited about it! Ryan helped us do the tree inside, while Gabe helped Daddy work on the car outside.

Once Emerson woke up, we went for a little 30-minute walk, but it was hot & humid & felt so gross outside.

Emerson also spilled her water cup all over herself (the lid wasn’t on quite right), and with plans to run to the mall to exchange one of the boys’ hoodies, we put Emmie in a new Christmas outfit. We made a quick run to Belk, and found lots of good clothing deals for Emmie & the boys, as part of the Christmas gifts.

Emerson helped me put these little window clings on the sliding glass door, and she loves them so much.

After some more play time, we put Emmie down for a second nap around 4:15. Nana had brought over this frozen chicken & rice casserole earlier, so we baked it until it was steaming & crispy & delicious. I finally got a shower then read my book, Jeff continued working on the car, the boys played video games, and Emerson slept till about 6pm.

And you guys, I’m just obsessed with my Christmas tree! And the beautiful photos my new Google Pixel 3 takes!

And then we went to the triplet gender reveal party for Megan & Bo’s babies! They did it at their church, and had about 50 friends & family there. There were pink & blue snacks, drinks and decor, and a few guessing games.

Grandmommie guessed it was two boys and one girl…

But Emerson and I made her onesie yesterday (those are her real hand prints), and we were TEAM PINK!

Miss Kayla was there tonight, and she helped us out tremendously by holding Emerson during the fireworks, since Bo had given both Jeff & I specific photo & video assignments ; )

Prior to the fireworks, they both wore gray, to remain nuetral, even though they already knew. They actually found out Wednesday, and kept it a secret for 3 days!

Then we all went outside and got in a big semi-circle, to finally find out! They had 3 separate fireworks…

Baby A is a GIRL!

Baby B is a GIRL!

And Baby C is a GIRL!

MY SISTER IS HAVING TRIPLET GIRLS!!! And I could not be more excited! My Mama was over the moon, and crying of course. As were lots of the rest of us honestly…

Emerson is going to have 3 baby GIRL cousins!

Our family is just so stinking excited to welcome three more beautiful baby girls!!!

Tonight was so amazing and exciting. We are so blessed with these three little miracle babies, and we pray for them every day to keep them safe & healthy & growing! I can’t wait to meet my THREE NIECES!!!

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