Super Snack Supper

We had an awesome morning at church today. I was on praise team, and Jeff was in our praise choir, and we really had a great set list that I loved getting to sing. Then it was also Vision Sunday where we looked back at all the blessings from 2023, and cast our church vision going forward into 2024 as well.

The weather was so nasty and rainy today, but Emmie was fine with that, because it meant she got to use her very own cute unicorn umbrella when we went to lunch.

We did a quick lunch at McDonald’s, cuz we just wanted something fast and easy and cheap. Also, we had to pick up another Walmart grocery order, because I accidentally forgot a few very key ingredients for meals this week (ya know, like chicken for chicken tacos…). This funny little pose Addie was doing, was because I asked her to stand up and show me her sunflower dress.

And then of course Addie fell asleep while we were waiting just 5 minutes for our groceries to come out…

Once we got back home after church and lunch and groceries, we had a hard time actually getting Addison back to sleep for nap time. Eventually, her and I both fell asleep together in the recliner, and then her and I both napped together for about 2.5 hours.

And by the time we all woke up and got moving again, it was time to get in the kitchen and get started on dinner prep. So, funny story – when I was making this week’s meal plan a few days ago, I got mixed up and thought that tonight was the Super Bowl, so I planned snacks for dinner. So we just went with it anyways, and although it wasn’t a typical Sunday supper, it was still delicious and a fun treat. My little buddy was a good helper too, mixing up buffalo chicken dip, and wrapping up two trays of pigs in a blanket.

I also cut up some carrots, and made mozzarella sticks (and warmed up some marinara sauce), and then had some cheese cubes for the girls, since I knew they wouldn’t eat the buffalo dip.

After dinner, Jeff worked on getting the girls in their jammies, while I got all the leftovers put away in some snack boxes for us to take for our lunches tomorrow, with bags of chips. We let the girls watch a little bit of “Coco” on Disney+, and then switched over for our obligatory episode of Bluey, which actually does now calm them down and gets them ready to sleep.

I love seeing these info graphics that the library has started sharing every month, with all the stats on how many physical books, e-books, and audio books are checked out in a single month. There are SO many, and I love knowing there are so many other library fans out there like myself, since I am an avid Kindle-user. Literally, of the 101 books I read last year, I could count on one hand which were physical books I own/bought.

Anyways, I’ve been watching the Grammy’s live-stream, while writing this, so I think I’ll set it up on my phone in the window sill above the sink, so I can keep watching while washing dishes, and at least keep myself entertained while doing chores.

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