Baby Boy On the Way!

Loved running into my sweet little trippies first thing at school this morning. And now that the cat is out of the bag, I can share this little tidbit… As soon as they saw me this morning, they were like, “We have a surprise to tell you!” And then in unison, they said, “We’re gonna be big sisters, cuz Mommy has a baby in her tummy!!” (I already knew this, but I acted like they were the first to tell me, since they were so excited to share 😉 )

They actually just found out today that it’s going to be a boy, after so many little girls in the family!!!




Addie Pie wasn’t in the mood for group photos, but she was ready for the first official day in her new older-two-year-old classroom at school. She got to add her little heart with her name onto the friendship tree today too.

But my poor little Emmie woke up not feeling well again today. She said her throat hurt, so we were worried she might have strep throat again. We kept her home from school, and Jeff took off work to be with her. He took her back to the pediatrician’s office, but her rapid strep test came back negative. So he got her some popsicles again, and some BOGO snacks from Publix, and they just rested and watched movies together today.

I had leftover “super bowl snacks” for my lunch today. I even brought fresh chopped green onions to add to the dip, and it was all really yummy again today, but this was too much food for one meal.

When I got home, Jeff was like, “You got a box delivered from Yeti today. Did you order yourself something?” I was like NO! WHAT?! A YETI! So then I opened it, and literally gasped out loud when I saw it. I was floored because it was so nice and so pretty! My friend Britteny ordered this and had it delivered to the house for my birthday present, and I love it so much! I’ve never actually had a real Yeti, so that makes it even nicer.

So last week, “we” somehow managed to burn crockpot chicken tacos (I instructed Jeff what to do that morning, and the chicken burned during the day), but today, I took care of things myself, and it all turned out extra juicy and delicious.

Emmie was still pretty tired at dinner time, but she ate about half of her food, so that wasn’t too bad.

We all melted into a little couch cuddle pile after the girls got their jammies on, and I got all the leftovers packed up.

I’ve been freezing sitting at the computer writing this tonight, and can’t seem to get warm. So I think I’ll skip washing dishes tonight, in favor of cuddling up with a blanket and my book and getting some reading done before bedtime.

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