Cottage Cheese

Love this big girl, and the pretty sun flare in her morning picture.

And I love this silly little goof pants heading off into her class at school today too.

So the newest “trend” on TikTok has now moved on from avocado toast, to cottage cheese toast. I know people have strong feelings about cottage cheese, but it’s something I grew up eating (my Grandmother would always put some out at every family meal), so I love it. Had to give this is a try for lunch today, and I really liked it! Gonna go “research” other topping options to see some other creative things people have put on the cottage cheese toast, like chili oil or tomatoes or roasted garlic (my fave).

Jeff wasn’t feeling good tonight, so the girls and I had ourselves a little girl-dinner. I made myself a chicken Caesar salad wrap, with a small side of pears, and the girls had nuggets and salad and pears, and they ate really well. Emmie had a second helping of salad, and Addison ate about 6 nuggets again tonight.

And look at this gorgeous giant new book that was delivered today! Today was publication day, and so many people went to midnight release parties at book stores last night, and even though that’s not my scene, I was still feeling a bit of FOMO seeing the videos today, because I just wanted my book too! It was delivered during the day, and waiting on me when I got home, and of course I got started on it right away.

And speaking of books, I finally put together my December reading wrap-up for my Instagram page, and also made a wrap-up of my favorite pick from each month. I realized I was a little behind, and had to catch up so I’d be prepared to share January’s books in a couple of days.


Now, I’m going to watch more of “tick, tick…BOOM!” since I didn’t finish it last night, and repaint my fingernails. (In case you haven’t noticed, I love painting my nails, and typically do them about once a week.) And then I’ll try to work on my little slow animals puzzle a little bit before bedtime.

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