It Is My Birthday.

Addie loved this little magnolia seed flower thing (hey, what in the world is this called?!) this morning, and was just so very excited about it.

And Emmie is just looking way too big in this photo, with this cute little pose.

Look at this amazing birthday lunch feast! I’ve seen photos of this platter online for years, and have been dying to try it. So finally got Jeff to take me to Aaru’s for my birthday lunch, and it was incredible. It was wayyy to much food, but so super delicious. This is actually their individualized buffet platter, and it’s all you can eat. Although I was way too full after not even finishing this, so I didn’t get extra, but Jeff did get a second round of the butter chicken.

And I also got a free Starbies drink after lunch for my birthday. (I was too full to drink it, but I saved it in my fridge, and it was still good a few hours later.)

And when I got back to my office after lunch, I found this super cute little potted plant and tiny cupcakes, from my boss!

And as a birthday gift to myself, months and months ago, I pre-ordered “The House of Flame & Shadow,” which is the third book in the Crescent City series, by my favorite author Sarah J. Maas. It comes out tomorrow, and earlier today I got the notification today that it shipped and will be here tomorrow! I re-read books 1 & 2 this month (at 800 pages each!), and I’m so excited to continue the series with book 3!

Addison was super excited to see her Daddy come to pick her up from school today.

And I took Emerson to another gymnastics glass tonight.

SO this morning, Jeff got some chicken started in the crockpot to make chicken tacos for dinner tonight. But when he got home, they were wayyyy overcooked and dry and halfway burnt. Not sure how that happened, as I’ve literally never had that happen before. But he said it was inedible, so he made the rice & beans we had planned, and Emmie and I picked up an order of 40 chicken McNuggets on the way home…

It was a random mix of stuff, but it was yummy, and it worked, so it was fine. I actually thought 40 nuggets would be too many and we’d have leftovers. But the girls were hungry, and just kept eating and we moved to the living room and they still got more nuggets. Emerson ate about 10 on her own, and Addison ate probably 6 or 7. Sooo, there are actually zero nuggets left at this point!

Look at all these sweet pictures Emmie made for me in after school today. Definitely taking them into my office tomorrow.

So in addition to it being my birthday today, it’s actually National Puzzle Day! I didn’t even know that until a sponsored post came up in my news feed tonight, and I got so excited! And so I decreed to my family (and then texted my Mama), that I’ll need a puzzle as a birthday gift for my birthday for the rest of my life 🤣

And speaking of puzzles, I got Jeff to work on this one with me last night, and we made lots of good progress. Going to work on it more tonight, and attempt to finish that last, biggest animals, and maybe finish it up.

I’ve been re-watching “tick, tick…BOOM!” on Netflix while writing this (about the musical play-write who created “Rent!” back in the 90’s), and it’s so good with such great music, that I’ve had a hard time concentrating enough to write, rather than just dancing and singing along in my computer seat…

Although tonight’s dinner didn’t work out as planned, but other than that, I’ve had a pretty good 36th birthday today! If you watch “The Office,” you’ll remember the episode where Jim & Dwight were in charge of Kelly’s birthday, and Dwight put up a sign that said, “It is your birthday.” Jim came in a got upset about how bad all the decor looked, especially the boring sign, that didn’t even have an exclamation point. We just watched the episode a couple days ago, and so it was fresh on my mind, thus today’s title, “It is my birthday.”

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