Dalmatians or Cows?

Today was my day on praise team again, so I was there super early at 8am. Emmie wanted to come early with me, and she just sweetly sat on the front row with her Bible and journal, while we rehearsed, until it was time for her to go play with the triplets 😉

Grabbed this photo off the GC Kids Instagram page, of Addie Pie learning her Fruits of the Spirit. She’s been learning them this whole month, and we were actually going over them at dinner last night, and she can say about half of them, completely on her own already!

They were both wearing cute little matching dresses today, which I thought were cow print. But a friend though they were dalmatian print, which works too, actually!

We went to Zaxby’s with one of my new friends for lunch today and had delicious Zalads (and nabbed a few fries from Emmie’s little kids box), and then had nap time at home for most of the afternoon. And then it was time to head back to church for dinner and connect groups. The girls chose to stop here of their own accord for pictures, and why wouldn’t we want pictures of these cuties!?

We had a great night at church, with good food and a great start in our new prayer class. We got started on bedtime as soon as we got home. The girls got in their jammies, and grabbed some snacks, and cuddled up with me on the couch to watch Bluey. They were also very sweet and loving on each other.

After getting the girls in bed, I officially started on my new dermatologist-prescribed skin-care routine. This is the same face wash I’ve used for a couple of years now, but this is the first time I’ve bought a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. (I typically don’t even use moisturizer, because my skin can be oily anyways, but we’re gonna give it a try.) And since I’m on a daily antibiotic, she also wanted me to start a daily probiotic. And then I’ve also got my new prescription facial cream as well. I’m going to do this for three months, and then go back for a check-up, and we’ll see if it’s made any difference…

Here’s the progress I made on my little slow animal puzzle last night, but haven’t worked on it at all yet today…

So now it’s puzzle time while we watch a couple episodes of “The Office,” and probably find ourselves a little snicky-snack.

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