Chores & Chinese

After some breakfast early this morning, we had a little bit of game time and play time together, before getting started on some chores.

Then my sweet little Emmie washed dishes with me. She’s actually a really good helper when we do it this way – she washes, then I rinse and stack, and it makes the process quicker, and we get time together, and she learns a valuable chore! While we did that, Jeff cleaned the living room and then vacuumed it, and did a load of laundry.

We ran a few errands around town after our chores, and then met up with Nana for dinner at the Chow Time Chinese buffet. And it was so yummy. I loved starting with a little sushi plate appetizer, before finding all the other goodies.

This sweet little girl was super tired after lunch and wanted daddy to sing his little made-up lullabies on the way home. She didn’t fully fall asleep, but she was all cozied up like this for the last few minutes of the drive.

We sat down to watch one episode of Bluey before naps, and Addie chose to cuddle up with her sister, instead of Daddy (her usual choice), and I just died at this cute little cuddle pile.

Guess what – I started another new puzzle today. Emmie actually got this one for Christmas a year ago, but we hadn’t done it yet. I got started on it up to this point the other night actually, so I started working on the animals today, then Emmie woke up from her nap and came and worked on it more with me. We finished the whole sloth right there in the middle, but unfortunately, we’re missing a few edge pieces, and we think Addie might have gotten into things…

When Addie woke up, they opened up this little Bluey doctor’s kit that Addie got for Christmas and played together for a few minutes. Then we loaded up and took a trip out to Grammy’s house. Grammy actually had a little medical procedure on her head the other day, so we went over to check on her, and I also helped her figure out how to style some soft headbands while her head recovers. We also just enjoyed getting a little bit of time to visit and play with them, but we didn’t stay long, so that she could get some rest.

So after leaving their house, Emerson actually requested we go back to Echalee for dinner, because she wanted the same chicken fingers she had last week. And since she normally whines whenever we suggest a Mexican restaurant, we felt like we couldn’t turn down that suggestion!

Jeff and I shared the chicken fajita nachos and each had a soft taco (well, I didn’t finish mine). And those nachos were absolutely amazing. So super good!

Jeff had the girls both hold on to the umbrella on the way out to the car, kind of like a leash, to keep them from running wild, and they thought it was just the bestest and most fun game.

The girls took a bath together after dinner, and then we got them both in some fresh, clean jammies. And you know of course we watched some Bluey together on the couch, before getting started on their separate bedtime routines. They were really sweet and sleepy, so things went really smooth.

Time to go work on my little puzzle again now. This one is definitely trickier than the others I did last week, with so many similar colors, but I know it’ll be a fun one to finish.

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