Cheese Bread To-Go

My goofy little toddler girl was making all sorts of silly faces for our pictures this morning before school.

And Emerson had on her class shirt today, because they were having an in-school field trip. A bunch of the classes all went to the cafeteria together, where someone (she didn’t know what person or company) brought it a bunch of animals and reptiles for them to see. She said some people got to hold a turtle, and she got to pet a snake.

I went to a dermatologist appointment this morning, and after years of self-diagnosing my extremely red cheeks as rosacea, the dermatologist officially diagnosed me today with rosacea, and also the rosacea-related acne that goes with it. I’ve had it since probably college, but I feel like it’s gotten a little worse lately, so I wanted to get it checked out. Actually, I just read it typically begins after middle age (between the ages of 30 and 60), and it is more common in fair-skinned people. So, all of that applies obviously… So now I’ll start a daily oral antibiotic, and a new topical face cream, and see if we can make it a little better. (I also learned today it can’t be “cured,” but it can be “treated.” So I guess I’ll just always have very red facial skin!)

We did take-out pizza tonight from Little Caesar’s, which Jeff ordered and picked up for us on the way home.

The girls were so anxious to leave the dinner table and go play together though, so we let them take a piece of cheese bread on the go, and they left to go play. And they did play very sweetly together for quite a long time between dinner and bedtime.

Jeff got a load of laundry started, and I put away the leftovers, and all the clean dishes from a couple of days ago. Trying to get the tiniest head-start on weekend chores, but definitely not doing too much, because I just wanna chill out on a Friday night…

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