Wake-Up Wraps

Addie was loving that pink sky this morning. I told her if she’d give me a good smile with the pink sky, I’d show her the picture, and she was very excited about it.

Also, both girls were grateful for some slightly warmer weather, and glad to wear a dress/skirt and let their little bare legs out, after some super freezing cold weather lately.

I still had a couple of the stuffed peppers leftover that I made Sunday night, and they were still really good, even microwaved, for lunch today.

This pretty new purple cup (not a real Stanley, which is A-OK with me) and cute matching lunchbox were part of the birthday gift I picked out with Nana at Kohl’s last weekend. She had let me take everything home that day, but with our crazy week, today was the first day I could use them both. And I love them!

I was trying to get a sister pic of both girls together when we got home from work and school this evening, but Addie wasn’t feeling it. Emmie looked adorable though.

I made bacon, egg & cheese wake-up wraps for breakfast tonight, with hash browns and strawberries. I figured out that my pan wasn’t level, so I needed to crack the eggs into that spot in the bottom middle. And then I figured out a little flip & rotate routine, as I made all the fried-over-hard eggs for the wraps. I was proud of my method, no matter how simple.

I also had sliced a block of white American cheese, and that stuff was so good. This was really easy, but it did take quite a while, to fry all the eggs, and then toast up all the wraps. I also made way more than needed though too, and we still have four wraps leftover, which I’ll eat some of tomorrow.

But, both girls really loved this meal, and both ate really well. They actually both ate their entire wrap, Addie ate a whole hash brown, and Emmie ate two helpings of strawberries.

After dinner, Emerson had some make-up work to do, since she missed some of the in-class assignments this week. Then she also had her weekly homework to do as well. Daddy took her to the dining room to help her with everything, and Addie and I played and cuddled and read books together.

OK, this little pose is just so stinking cute. I love her tiny hand propping up her little cheek. So so adorable!

Um also, I completely finished another new puzzle again last night. I had worked on this one for about 20-30 minutes yesterday afternoon, and then for another hour last night, and finished the whole thing! It was only 300 pieces though, so it was super fun and easy.

By the time Emerson finished up all of her school work, it was already past 8pm. So we just watched one quick episode of Bluey, and then started up on their bedtime routines. Emmie was super tired and went to bed easily, and Addie fell asleep with Daddy in the recliner. he’s gonna take her back to her bedroom any minute now, and then I think I might actually start up a new puzzle 😉

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