Bikini Queen

Today was Emerson’s second day at home from her strep throat (doc said she needed to stay home two days), so I stayed with her again. I made us egg & cheese wake-up wraps for breakfast (one for her, two for me), and she ate every single bite of hers, which I was glad to see. I’m actually going to be making these same wraps, plus bacon, for our dinner tomorrow night, but knew we had enough supplies to make a few this morning too. Also, randomly stumbled upon this limited edition pistachio latte creamer in the Walmart app last weekend, and it’s so good!

Jeff took Addison to school again today, since I was staying home with Emerson.

So I just started this cute little taco truck puzzle yesterday… And then I went on a crazy bender last night, just having so much fun putting it together. And since I knew I wasn’t waking up early for work, I stayed up till like 12:30am finishing it! it was a really fun one to work, so I decided even though I love it, and would definitely hang it up somewhere, I want to be able to actually work the puzzle again, so I didn’t glue it. (It’s got me craving some tacos now though!)

After two days’ worth of antibiotics (they prescribed just one big dose, once a day), Emerson was feeling totally fine and normal today. In this particular photo, she’s got on a yellow polka dot bikini underneath her Arial dress-up gown, and a crown, and she’s playing with slime. She was also doing some living room gymnastics as well. At one point, she was trying to say she was the “bikini queen” and it came out “biqueenie,” which was a perfect mash up of bikini queen, and I loved that so much, I kept repeating it over and over all day long.

We found these canned bubble tea drinks at Dollar Tree, and figured it was worth a try for a mere $1.25. Emerson drank this one today, and said although the tea itself was good, she didn’t actually like the boba in it. I had a sip of the tea, and it was good, but obviously not great.

She did a little painting project this afternoon, that we also got at the Dollar Tree yesterday.

And since I did the taco truck puzzle so quickly, I decided to start on another one late this afternoon, while finishing up the Long Pond Studio documentary. This is the same brand as the taco truck, but only 300 pieces instead of 500, so I have no doubt I’ll fly through this one too… But I won’t stay up so late tonight 😉

Since Emmie hadn’t had any fever today, and she did already have two days of meds, Pastor Bo said he was fine if she came to church tonight. So we picked up Addie, ordered some chicken nuggets, and met up with Daddy before heading to church.

We had a nice night at church, but stayed there a little too late afterwards. So it was really late by the time we got the girls home. But, that meant they were both pretty tired, and actually did pretty well for bedtime. Addie is still not sleeping the whole night in her own bed most nights, so please keep praying about that for her/us, as we work through this difficult sleep-training situation…

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