First Illness of the Year

Jeff took Addison to school this morning, and I took Emerson to the doctor’s office. Her throat was hurting, and she had a slight fever.

Turns out, she tested positive for strep throat, so she has to stay out of school for two days. We did get started on the prescription antibiotics this morning, and I bought her a big box of popsicles at Publix before heading home. She made her second magic potion from the kit she got the other day, but then for the most part, we just watched movies or read books, and took it easy.

I started a new taco truck puzzle, which was one of the early birthday presents Nana let me pick out from Kohl’s the other day. I actually already had this exact same one on my Amazon list, so I was excited to find it, and for $2 cheaper than Amazon! (And we watched some of the “Taylor Swift: Long Pond Studios Sessions” on Disney+ too.)

At one point, I had been in the living room by myself for a little while, but I wasn’t sure where Emmie was. So I pulled up the cameras in the house, and found her sweetly, quietly journaling on her bed. I just loved it so much.

For dinner tonight, I made homemade chicken fried rice. I know this might sound strange, but we had bought/brought a giant pan of plain white rice from Gordo’s to the event at daycare last week, and there was more than half of it left, so I took it home. We paid almost $20 for that, so I didn’t want it to go to waste! So instead, I turned it into chicken fried rice with some frozen veggies and scrambled in a few eggs, and it was so good.

We all really liked it, and it was really good, but I want to try to figure out a recipe to make it taste more like actual takeout or restaurant quality fried rice. Anyone have a good recipe like that they love?

To go with the popsicles for her sore throat, we also got a couple small BOGO tubs of Ben & Jerry’s this morning too, so the girls both had a small bowl of ice cream, since they actually ate a really good dinner.

Both girls did well at bedtime, and both are sleeping soundly now. The doctor’s office told us Emmie can’t go back to school until Thursday, so her and I have one more sick day at home together tomorrow. So tonight’s dishes can wait until tomorrow, because I’m anxious to get back to my puzzle and work on it some more!

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