Intermediate Gymnastics

These sweet little trippies were so excited to see me and Addie at school this morning!

Look how adorable this new outfit is we got for Addie at Marshall’s the other day. I’m obsessed with how soft the sweater is, and those floofy, frilly sleeves!

Emerson was also in a new outfit from Marshall’s, wearing Nike from head to toe like a little athlete.

Megan and I did sister lunch at Cava today, which is always one of our favorites, and didn’t disappoint today either.

Our parent app said they made this DIY paint in class today, and then got to actually paint with it too.

Jeff picked up Addison from school today, and will doing so every Monday for the next few months…

Because I picked up Emerson from school, and will be taking her to her Monday-night gymnastics class at 6pm for the next few months. Since we decided not to do the competitive team, we signed back up for a recreational class again. So last week, they did a quick skill eval on her, to see which class level to place her in. They decided she could basically skip the “beginner 1-3” classes, because she was already past those due to the “shooting stars” (which feed into the comp team) classes she’s been in. So tonight, she started her first intermediate level class, which will be from 6-7pm every Monday.

This class was way more intense than her little shooting stars class. She’s also easily the tiniest and youngest by a year or two (the oldest girl is probably 13!), but she kept up with them, and did lots of new things she’d never even tried before. It will definitely be a challenging class for her, but I think she’ll get to learn a lot!

Back at home, Jeff finished up the dinner that I had gotten started in the crock pot this morning. It was a “new” recipe for chicken strogonoff, and it turned out really good. Jeff just had to add the cream cheese, shred the chicken, and boil some noodles. They ate right before we got home, and then Emmie and I ate when we made it home.

Emmie was actually really exhausted from her day at school and the gym, and didn’t even know if she wanted to eat. So I let her lay down with her Kindle, and then once she decided she did actually want to eat, I brought her a bowl in bed. She ate it all and even asked for seconds, and I was glad she ate so well, after working so hard at gymnastics!

This little nugget decided to eat more too, since Jeff said she only had about 3 bites before we got home. But then she just about cleaned her little plate, so that was good too.

Both girls were so super tired tonight, and it was very easy to get them laid down and snoring oh-so-quietly in their beds. I’m heading off to wash dishes now, and listen to my audio book, which I’m nearing the end of… Earlier today, I finished book #2 in the Crescent City series, just in time for book #3 to come out next week!

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