Stuffed Peppers

Today was my day to serve in the preschool room with GC Kids. That’s actually the triplets’ room, so they always love having me in there with them.

For lunch, we went to Echalee with some new-ish church/school friends, and had a great time chatting and getting to know them better. And also eating yummy Mexican food.

We didn’t take pictures in the frigid 24-degree weather before church this morning,so we did it in the warmer afternoon sun when we got home from lunch.

Both girls cuddled up in their beds for a late afternoon nap around 2:30, and both slept really well again today. I ended up falling asleep on the couch (no surprise there), but Jeff ran a couple of errands, and then did some work on his car out in the carport. The girls and I all woke up around 5pm, and I got up and got started on dinner.

I saw a video the other day of someone making stuffed peppers, and I was immediately craving them and needed to make them for myself. It has actually been a couple of years since I last made stuffed peppers, but they were so perfect and warm and cozy on this cold night! (I didn’t really use a specific recipe, just kinda threw stuff together on a whim based on how I like things, and what I could remember from making them before.) The girls basically just ate plain white rice, because they didn’t like the filling, but I personally loved it.

The girls were supposed to take a bath at Grammy’s house last night, but didn’t feel like it. So they hopped in the bath tonight after dinner, and went crazy splashing and playing around. I took just a few minutes to tidy up a little bit in the living room (it’s still a disaster in there though), and then lit a brand new candle I got on clearance at Walmart right after Christmas.

After watching a couple of Bluey episodes, Addison climbed up in Daddy’s lap to read a book together, and I took Emerson back to her room to read a book together. And then we did each of the girls’ bedtime routines, and got them to sleep in their rooms.

I’ve got a few little Sunday-night chores to do to get us ready for a new week, but I’ve already laid out the girls’ outfits for tomorrow, so that’s at least one thing done… I need to set up the coffee, clean up the kitchen, change out Addie’s school blankets, and maybe tidy up the living room a little bit more…

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