Escalators, Potions & Sunny-D

We treated ourselves to some Chick-fil-A breakfast first thing this morning. Then I picked up our grocery order from Walmart, and got all the cold stuffy put away very quickly. And then we met up with Nana for some morning shopping! She actually let me pick out all my birthday gifts at Kohl’s this morning, for my birthday coming up at the end of the month. (We didn’t get these doggies, but the girls were very excited to cuddle them for a quick minute.)

Addison rode an escalator for the first time today, and was immediately obsessed. I took her down, and then back up & down again. Then while Nana and I stood in line and paid for everything, Jeff took the girls up & down the escalators about 10 more times, because Addie just couldn’t get enough of it!

We made a quick run through Marshall’s after Kohl’s. Emerson put on these goofy Crocs boots, and she was so cute even though she was so silly. You actually can’t even tell in the picture (from the angle I guess) how big the boots actually are on her tiny feet.

Addie dragged this little rolling shopping cart around through half the store, and wouldn’t let us leave it. We eventually had to just sneak it to the cashier and ask her to hide it, since we didn’t actually plan to buy it.

After shopping, we needed a nice little warm lunch, so we ordered chicken salad melts and soup and mac & cheese at Chicken Salad Chick, and that was yummy and toasty. Emmie and I only ate half of our sandwiches, and we had enough soup and mac & cheese to bring home with us, so that’s gonna be good leftovers for Monday’s lunch.

We got both girls down for naptime once we got back home, and then Jeff headed out to do some of his side IT work for some folks. I rested for a bit, and then tackled this disaster in the kitchen. I popped my earbuds in to listen to my audio book, got all the clean dishes put away, and then washed every single dirty dish I could find; I also finished putting away all the new pantry groceries, and wiped down the counter top. Top picture is before; and bottom picture is 45 minutes later, after.

After finishing up all my kitchen duties, I sat down to rest and ended up falling asleep on the couch for a quick little nap myself. Emmie napped for about 1.5 hours, but Addie napped for about 3 hours! Once she finally woke up, we got our shoes back on, and packed up our stuff, and headed over the Grammy’s house for the afternoon/evening.

We had time to sit and chat and play games, and Emerson made this slime “potion” she got at Marshall’s earlier today. (Nana let each girl pick something from the clearance shelf while we were shopping.)

They made a fort in the old crib in the play room. They’re very much into forts lately, if you haven’t picked up on that.

Grammy made a breakfast feast for dinner, with sausage, egg & cheese casserole, bacon, biscuits and hash browns. She also got me some Sunny-D when they were at Walmart today, because they just happened to see it, and remembered how much we loved it as kids! Both girls ate a ton of food for dinner, and obviously everything was delicious.

My step-brother Drew woke up with a stomach bug on Christmas day, so he wasn’t able to be there with the rest of the family. But he had gotten the girls some presents and sent them to my parents recently, so they got to open them up tonight. He got them each a giant activity pad and a cute little Disney princess Barbie, and a brand new Lite Bright to share!

This sweet little girl didn’t want to leave once she got all cuddled up with Papa, but we promised she could come back for a sleepover sometime soon for more cuddles.

When we got home, we cuddled up with Daddy and watched some Bluey, and then quickly started on bedtime since it was pretty late.I took Emmie to her bed, but she forgot her baby she had been playing with, and Addie very sweetly brought it back and laid it down in the tiny bed, and kissed her goodnight. It was all so very sweet.

Today was a full, but great Saturday, and thankful for family time. I’m going to re-do my nails now, while watching “Fool Me Once” on Netflix (I’m on episode 4, and it’s so good so far), and then read a little before bedtime.

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