Grinchmas in January

Still wearing cute little Grinch Christmas shirt, even in January, because that’s what my little blondie girls wanted!

My work friends and I went out to lunch at Little Italy today for mine and Tammy’s joint birthday lunch, and had such a nice time, as usual 🙂

For some reason, I really love this picture of Addie and all her tiny friends outside in their coats with all their little toys and things. Then of course they’re always coloring and doing some fun arts and crafts.

When I picked Addie up from school today, she had really fun little pony/piggy tales all over her head, and they were so cute. But little wiggly pants made it so hard to get a good photo! But I still got some cute photos of both little girlies.

The sky looked so cool on our drive home, but Emmie and I were both disappointed the picture didn’t look as good. Right above the trees actually looked so purple, but you can’t barely even tell that in the photo.

We had our typical Friday night pizza night, and did some playing and coloring and book reading, and eventually got everyone ready for bedtime after some Bluey episodes.

While we were sitting on the couch, completely out of nowhere, Addie was like, “MOMMY! We live on planet Earth! Ary told me that.” Ms. Ary is her teacher at school (who she loves), and she told me they learned all about space and planets last week, and their question of the week was, “What planet do we live on?” So she just finally decided to tell me all about it tonight!

Now it’s time to wind down for the night – need to decide if I want to watch tv or read, but either way, I’m glad it’s just a chill Friday night!

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