Around the World Again

Every January, each class at daycare picks a country to learn about, and then they host a big Around the World night, with food from every country provided by the parents and teachers, and it’s so much fun! So Addie’s class was Haiti, with this cute hot air balloon on their door.

After school, we had barely 45 minutes to kill, so we got french fries and ice cream from McDonald’s with the trippies and their parents.

We started the world tour in Addison’s classroom, with some delicious pork chunks and yummy Haitian mac & cheese.

We had some rangoon and Addie loved the edamame in Japan, and Emmie tried to fold some origami.

They also made these cute little passports, and each of the rooms stamped their books as we visited each new country.

We also had food from Italy, Jamaica, Sweden, China, Mexico, France, Germany, Greece and the Bahamas. Oh there was also Romania, but we didn’t actually get any of the food there.

This event is always crowded and chaotic, but also so much fun! We’ve been doing it every year since Emmie was born (with the exception of course during the pandemic years), and we always love it. Here’s our fun night last year in 2023. And I even found the posts for 2019 & 2020 as well (even though a lot of the pictures are “broken” in those older posts now).

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