Skill Eval

Two cute little girls in their Baby Yoda outfits, ready for a short week of school.

Even though it was raining at school today, they were able to do some drawing with chalk on the little covered porch out back. If you look closely at this first photo of Addie, you can see she’s got chalk on her chin, left eyelid and forehead 🙂

After picking up both girls from school, we went by Trousdell for a quick evaluation of Emerson’s skill level. A few weeks back, we went to a meeting about her possibly joining the competitive team, but ultimately, it was too much of a commitment both schedule-wise and financially, so we had to turn it down. We will however be keeping her in recreational classes, so they wanted to do an skill eval to see what level to place her in. It was only about 15-20 minutes, but Addie loved watching her sister do her gymnastics moves! Emmie will skip the “beginner” levels 1-3, and start in at intermediate 1, in classes next week!

It was late once we finally got home from the gym, so we just made tuna sandwiches for dinner, to keep things as quick as possible. And the girls and I all drank pink “cream dimples” with our meal 😉

Emmie had some homework to do after dinner, so Jeff helped her with that, and I read Addie a teeny tiny book on the couch.

It was kind of a rough bedtime situation again tonight, but hopefully things go better the rest of the evening. We’ve got both girls in warm clothes and super warm fuzzy blankets, and we’re doing what we can to make sure the house stays warm, since all of the South is in a “hard freeze warning” for tonight and tomorrow!

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