Raking Leaves

Today was MLK Jr. day, so we all had the day off school and work. Our favorite donut place, Donut Kingdom, just moved into a new building just down the street, and today was their soft opening at the new location. So obviously we just had to go for breakfast!

Afterwards, I may have fallen back asleep on the couch for a bit of a morning nap. Jeff built the girls a fort in Addison’s bedroom, and he worked on some chores, and they let me sleep for about an hour. I woke up eventually and got the living room tidied up a bit, and then fixed lunch for everyone.

The girls both went down for a nap after they ate, and I made myself an iced coffee and sat down to read for a little bit.

But Addison woke up from her nap in less than an hour, and came wandering into the living room. You could tell she was still sleepy though, and all on her own she crawled up by me, and fell back asleep curled up on my lap for another 45-ish minutes or so, and then flipped to share the pillow for Pretzel for a little bit too.

I ran to Walmart to get our grocery pickup order after the girls woke up, and then once I got everything put away, I got started on some Instant Pot chicken noodle soup for our dinner. Then once I got that going, I joined my little fam out front…

Jeff was doing some more chores outside (like changing light bulbs in the carport and in our motion spotlights and installing a new safety camera to watch over the cars and the driveway), and the girls were just busy doing all sorts of stuff out in the front yard.

The soup turned out absolutely delicious. I don’t really use a “recipe” per se, but I do use my mother-in-law’s trick, which is adding some Velveeta cheese at the end. It doesn’t make it “cheesy,” but it does make it nice and creamy and so so good. I also made some grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the soup, and everyone ate this very well tonight.

You know the drill after dinner… Jeff and I did some chores to finish up the day (he took out the trash, I cleaned up the kitchen), then it was Bluey and cuddles and bedtime for the girls.

Both girls are actually having a hard time falling asleep tonight, so Jeff is still taking care of Addie in her room, and Emmie is laying on the couch while I write this, for some extra Mommy cuddles. Praying we can get them both down for the night here soon!

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  1. celesteflewisgmailcom

    I love that you plan your meals and do your weekly “grocery pickup” at Wal-Mart. Do you do “e-meals” or just your own thing. Your organization, on this front, is certainly admirable!

    1. I make my own meal plan every week, based on what we’ve got on the calendar that week, and what I feel like making! 🙂

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