Sister Trip to Destin

For the very first time ever, Megan and I took a little sister trip weekend getaway, just the two of us! We left work a little early Friday, drove to Destin, and had such a nice chill weekend, with only each other 🙂

We ate amazing food all weekend, at lots of great local spots.

Free breakfast at the hotel on Saturday morning…

We got pedicures together after breakfast, where both our nail techs easily talked us into the more expensive “heel care” option, and honestly we did both need it.

After some shopping (and lots of candle-sniffing), we found this cool “food hall” place for Saturday lunch, where we chose veggie fried rice, and a fried chicken sandwich with fries, and split both meals.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for a quiet afternoon nap time, just because we could… Then after a visit to a local coffee shop for fancy iced lattes, we hit up a few more stores to just roam and wander around.

We also went to the outlets for a while too, and I treated myself to a few little goodies at the Vera Bradley outlet store.

Dinner Saturday night was a shared salad, fried ravioli, and two pizza’s that we once again split. (But we only ate half of them, and took the other half back to the hotel, where I ended up having one more piece at like 9:30 in bed, what a luxury.)

Meg really wanted dessert before heading back to the hotel, so even though we were full, we got these amazing (but unfortunately non-photogenic) strawberry cheesecake donuts to take back with us for later.

And then even though Meg was already in bed, we wanted to do some face masks, so I actually put hers on for her, while Her Majesty reclined in bed 🤣

I liked this mural in the lobby/game area of our hotel, which was a Tru by Hilton, and we really liked it, and it was so affordable.

For breakfast this morning, we once again ordered two totally different things, so that we cold split both half-&-half, and both of these were incredible.

And although it was chilly this morning, the sun was shining, and we just had to go put our toesies in the crystal sand beach. I actually put my little toesies in the water, but it was freezing of course.

After our trip to the beach, we actually went shopping again at a few stores, but mostly just to kill some time and wander around a bit. And then wouldn’t you know it, but it was time to eat again. We chose a beach restaurant specifically to get the fish tacos Meggie had been wanting all weekend, and we were so glad we saved it for this last meal, it was perfect out on the deck in the direct sunlight. We ordered a crab dip appetizer and fish tacos, and shared everything again.

We stopped at one more local coffee shop after lunch, before hitting the road back home this afternoon.

We listened to 90’s country music all the way home, and marveled over how many words we remembered to songs we haven’t heard in 20 years…

We had such a great, chill, easy-going time together, and it was just a really nice trip for us. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to do something like this, but we’ll definitely be doing it more in the years to come! We have such a special sister relationship, and we really hope one day our little girls have great relationships with their sisters as well.

Also, big shout-out to the hubby’s/daddy’s Jeff & Bo, for holding down the forts and taking care of all the little girls so that we were able to do this sister trip!

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