Cream Dimple

Why is this Addie girl looking just so grown up the past couple of days?!

And the big girl looks so snuggly in her fuzzy jacket, I just wanna cuddle her!

One little picture of Addison doing some artwork at school today.


Loved seeing them together in such cute, coordinated pink when I picked them both up from their schools this afternoon.

Then when we got home, they were sweetly cuddled up on the couch together, eating some fruit snacks while I cooked dinner.

We had breakfast for dinner, which is always a big hit, and everyone always eats pretty well. Oh, so remember like last weekend when I made an “Italian cream soda.” Well then a couple days later, I made Emerson her first Shirley Temple, which she loved obviously. But I made myself another cream soda, and she asked what I was drinking, and then loved mine too. So I ended up putting the cream in hers too. So then the next day, she came up and asked, “Can I have a cream dimple, please?” So her and I have been having cream dimples with dinner this week, and it’s such a nice, simple treat 🙂

Y’all already know we just cuddled and watched Bluey on the couch after dinner, until it was time to get the girls going on the rest of their bedtime routines. Emmie laid so flat and still underneath her blanket, that Addie didn’t even know she was there when she went looking for her. Then they were so sweet and silly loving each other.

I’ve been re-reading “The House of Earth and Blood” by Sarah J. Maas, for the past week and a half, and I’m at 95% right now, and dying to go finish it up now. I was actually reading while cooking, and reading while watching ‘Bluey,’ and there’s less than an hour left to read (per my Kindle), so I just have to go finish it. (It’s a giant 800-page fantasy; which will be followed next by a re-read of the 800-page second book in the series, all to get ready for the release of the 800-page third book at the end of the month, which all the fantasy girlies are very-much anticipating.) Anyways, off to read now!

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