New Tea Kettle

Love these adorable new matching pink gingham outfits we found for the girls at Walmart recently. So cute!

And I love these silly, goofy little faces.

And I love how this baby girl looks up to her big sister. 🩷

And we all now I love a beautiful sunrise photo!

And then we have these beautiful sunrays behind my beautiful girl!

I ordered myself a new, compact-sized electric tea kettle for my desk at the office. I love the blue/green color, and I love how little it is, and I was so excited to make myself an afternoon cuppa! I also organized my little tea & coffee drawer a little bit more, and even the drawer looks cute now.

I took Emerson to gymnastics tonight, and she had fun and did a great job. I had put a pork loin in the crock pot with some sliced onions this morning, so then we just had to make a quick pot of rice and some microwave steam-in-the-bag broccoli, and we all had a late dinner together. And I had one of Emmie’s favorite “cream dimple’s” with it to drink.

Dinner was really late, and Addie had pulled about 50 of my books of my bookshelf before I got home, so by the time Emerson and I got them organized and stacked again, it was like 8pm already. So we did some kitchen clean-up, and Jeff started a load of clothes, and then we got the girls in their jammies and snuggled up for Bluey. But they were both exhausted by that point, and everyone was ready to get cozy and cuddle and sleep.

I washed up a bunch of dishes really quickly earlier while the rice was cooking, but I’m not going to wash anything else tonight. I’ve already got the leftovers put in the containers, but now that they’ve cooled off I just ned to pop them in the fridge. Then Jeff and I are going to finish watching the final episode of the “Beckham” docu-series on Netflix, which has been really good. He has always loved soccer, and of course as a female millennial, I loved the Spice Girls. So there’s something for both of us! Honestly though, even the soccer stuff has been interesting to me! 🤣

Also, late last night, after writing the day’s blog post, I made another cute little TikTok of the rock-climbing yesterday, and added it in yesterday’s blog post.

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