Return to Rock Climbing

For today’s special missions fundraiser, GC kids sent some cuties over to big church with their buckets, for a big church raid asking for donations, complete with a QR code for those without cash 😉

Today was my turn on the GC Kids Jr check-in desk, but Jeff was on the GC Kids sound booth, and he caught this tiny little worshipper during kids church.

Emerson actually picked out their outfits today, complete with their matching cream-colored fuzzy coats first thing this morning. And obviously they both looked totally adorable!

Quick lunch at Taco Bell after church…

Followed by a super quick nap for Emmie…

And then we left Addie and Daddy napping at home, while I took Emmie to a rock-climbing birthday party for one of her school friends. And her little bestie Daisy was there as well. She got to do this a year ago for a different friends’ party, and she loved it then, and she loved it again today!

For those that remember “the dollar theater,” the rock climbing gym is now in all those old theaters, and it’s pretty cool, but definitely weird! I told Emmie that Jeff and I used to go on dates there at the theater when we first started dating back in 2011, and she thought that was so cool!



Then Emerson and I ran home to pick up Jeff and Addison, and headed back to church for dinner and Connect Groups. We had a great dinner again, and a really good group time.

We had to pick up our Walmart grocery order tonight after church, because I procrastinated too long over the past few days and this was our final option. They were very busy, and very slow, and it took forever. So then by the time we got the groceries put away, and the girls had a snack, and we did a bunch of stuff to prep for the new week, it was past 9pm (probably closer to like, 9:30pm) when we finally got the girls to sleep. So I’m writing this post really late too, and now it’s pretty much my own bedtime at this point!

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