GC Easter Egg Hunt 2024

We had so much fun at our annual GC Easter Egg hunt, with games, bounce houses, egg hunts, food trucks, train rides, free popcorn & cotton candy, a tiny petting zoo, all with family and friends!


We actually went to lunch afterwards with Grammy & Papa, but didn’t get pictures there, and apparently didn’t get any pictures with them (or Meg/Bo/triplets either). Then we stopped to see “The Juice Guy” who’s been setting up on our side of town every weekend lately, and we’ve been wanting to try. We got just one to share today (they’re huge, but they’re $7!), the strawberry one, and it was super yummy. Definitely want to stop by for another treat again sometime soon.

Everybody needed a nap by the time we got back home, and we were all sound asleep pretty quickly.

By the time we all slowly woke up and got moving, it was about 5:30. So we did a quick clean-up in the living room, Jeff started a load of laundry, and I started on some curry for dinner.

Jeff ordered this gigantic beach blanket from Temu recently, and they had to test it out for a few minutes while I was cooking.

The curry turned out delicious, and even the girls loved it. Before I started cooking tonight, Emmie and I were on the couch together, and she was like, “I want something really good for dinner. Like, not restaurant food, but like food YOU cook, because food YOU cook is better than restaurant food.” I was like, “Dang girl, when I want something really good, I was the restaurant food!” But she does always tell me she loves when I cook, and she really makes me feel good about my slightly-better-than-mediocre kitchen abilities 😉

We had a lot of play time outside in the front yard and carport after dinner, and these little hooligans found the tiny bit of mud to play in… So obviously they went straight to the bathtub after this.

I got all the leftovers put away earlier, and washed up some of the dishes, and just rinsed out the other half of the dishes. Bedtime went smoothly for both girls, and they went to sleep pretty easily. So now it’s time to wind down and relax a little before bedtime.

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